Trendy Gold Mangalsutra at Exclusive Price Range

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Mangalsutra- one of the most auspicious ornaments that is carried by married women. As a wedding ring signifies marriage in western countries, the same goes for mangalsutra. It is an accessory that signifies marriage in India. Mangalsutra is a necklace that is made of a gold chain with black and golden beads and a pendant. In this 21st century, to meet today’s modern women’s demand, the market is flooded with chic, minimalistic and stylish.

Mangalsutra designs and even Mangalsutra bracelets. These minimalist and elegant designs help to make these traditional accessories more manageable and pretty to look at! You can check the gold mangalsutra price online to get the best in your budget.

Here is a list of some of the trendy range of gold mangalsutra prices that you can buy at exclusive prices.

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Mangalsutra Bracelets

One of the most trendy and chic pieces that are highly demanded in today’s time is mangalsutra bracelets. This magnificent and eye-catching style was pitched in by the fitness guru Shilpa Shetty. This style is indeed most amazing and is also convenient.

This type of Mangalsutra kind of plays on the loopholes in the rule book and is ideal for the rebel divas! Mangalsutra bracelets come with a single thread of black beads that are adjoined with a pendant or charm pieces of choice. There is a range of gold mangalsutra prices you can choose from. It’s the right time to buy the most trendy jewellery and make people adore you!

Meenarkari Mangalsutra

These are indeed the most stunning and eye-catching pieces to look at. Meenakari is a Rajasthani design mangalsutra that is an ideal piece for all those who want to keep up with the tradition. This neckpiece is available in vibrant colours, designs, and gold mangalstutra prices offering a small window for personalization.

Budding Heart Mangalsutra

The trendy budding heart mangalsutra is a diamond-studded flower neckpiece that is encased within an artfully crafted gold heart. This design comes in a range of gold mangalsutra prices, has an infinity knot and black beads on either side of the sleek gold chain. Love is what holds you in place, and the budding heart necklace depicts beautiful love. It is so light and fashionable that the women of today’s time can easily pair it with a skirt and top.

Minimum Glam

In today’s time, where everyone prefers something elegant and cute, the minimalist mangalsutra can be an ideal option for you! However, this piece also holds the old tradition. This piece has small black beads that are placed against the super cute pendant set. Find it in a wide range of gold mangalsutra prices online.

Gemstone Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra is a jewellery piece that comes with a small gemstone pendant in the choice of the shape of your choice to add the right amount of bling for the beautiful you! This mangalsutra type can be made easier and heavier depending upon your choice.

Long Chain Mangalsutra

Long chain mangalsutras are one of the oldest yet highly demanded designs. This piece offers a high low chain pattern with knot details. The long chain makes it a very amazing piece of jewellery that goes with every outfit.

Whether you wear a short or long mangalsutra or a bracelet mangalsutra, they all hold the traditional values that we carry from our ancestors and signify the bond of auspicious marriage. To buy the trendiest mangalsutra, you can head on to Mia by Tanishq. This jewellery store stands by the idea of accessorising pieces of jewellery in the most stylish manner.

The 22k gold mangalsutra price and quality that the brand offers stand for a promise of love and loyalty between husbands and their wives. You can find a wide range of options available for your beautiful wife or wife-to-be. With their most stylish and elegant mangalsutra, make your partner feel loved.  You can choose one according to your budget with the extensive range of gold mangalsutra prices at Mia.

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