Top 5 Video Automation Tools Out There

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There is no doubt that marketing today has completely turned its helm, but in a direction that suits everyone who wants to start a business. Successful and effective marketing no longer means large budgets and a large number of employed professionals, which only large companies can afford. Experts in marketing strategies today can also be those who are just starting their business, regardless of the industry you are in.

The relationship between marketers and customers today is much “closer” than before, it is a relationship that is built with constant monitoring of customer needs. Why is it important? Because just as marketing has progressed, so do customer needs today. Today’s campaigns must be well-designed, to hit a certain target group and, more importantly, for the message to be personalized, i.e. for the client to feel that the message is intended for him and his needs and that your brand can offer him a solution.

All this may seem too complicated if you are not a marketing expert, but modern technologies have followed the development of marketing trends, so today you have options to make your job easier in almost every segment of marketing.

Today there are tools for everything you need. Connecting different channels of your communication, storing and sorting materials, creating and implementing designs, visuals, logos, creating mailing lists and campaigns through emails, analytics, and creating databases that you collect on your communication channels and what is very important is creating videos, on which we will focus on in this text.

Video has become one of the most important segments of marketing campaigns, which can be your most effective tool in communicating with clients because it provides countless opportunities, and people prefer to watch the video, most of all other content, especially on social media.

You don’t even have to be an expert to create videos, because through existing tools and platforms, not only can you let your imagination run wild, without the knowledge of developers and without big budgets and a lot of time, but you can automate a good part of your video creation work.

Therefore, we present to you 5 video automation tools that can be your ideal “partner” in business:

1. Plainly

Create a template, upload it to Plainly and link it to the data source to create thousands of unique videos. Very easy to use, Plainly only includes template + data source. Graphics and data can be modified and customized for those who watch the video, which is ideal for a personalized relationship with your customers.

Five elements you can change: Text elements, image elements, audio elements, video elements, and color.

Is it free: This platform is free.

2. Rocketium

This platform is also great for beginners, and offers the creation of quality videos, using your photos and materials. It offers a great creative automation mechanism, and you can change the formats of your video in just a few clicks and adapt it to different communication channels. It offers you different templates, but also the option to implement your custom templates. An important segment is that you can turn different options on or off for your team members and improve their experience.

Is it free: This platform is free.

3. Adobe

This platform also has great user ratings, offers numerous options, and is very flexible. Some argue that this platform is best for creating longer video forms, say for a website or television. This platform also includes automatic redesign, as opposed to the communication channels on which you want to publish the video. Here, automation is brought almost to perfection, because this tool automatically analyzes and adjusts until it correctly matches your reference point. This platform may take a little more time to master absolutely all of its options, but it is still a good suggestion for beginners.

Is it free: This platform has its various options, but what you need to get started is free. Some more advanced and demanding options are paid.

4. Typito

Another great video software that can not only be easy to use but also allows you to place your banner on the video, which further contributes to the visibility of your brand. This tool is recommended by many because it is economical, the start is free, and later prices are quite okay for the options you get. Typito offers you thousands of templates, which are easy to use. In addition, you can add tens of thousands of free photos, and numerous font options, if you enter text, as well as set the appropriate background.

Is it free: This platform gives you free options for almost all its features.

5. Animaker

This tool may seem the easiest to use, because it is similar to the principle of creating on Instagram, and you are certainly familiar with that. With just a few clicks, you can create videos from a variety of videos and photos, with editing and zooming, as you see fit. Interestingly, this tool can help you create different animations, say to give voice to the characters that appear in your video, and then easily sync audio and video. The initiators of this platform claim that you have a large number of templates, which you can choose, which will contribute to your video being of high quality and looking professional.

Is it free: This platform includes a free plan, so you can organize your needs every month. Access to free options is limited, but you can afford 5 free options.