Top 5 Chappals for Men and 5 Slippers for Women

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Of late, many companies are compromising comfort over style. Though it may work to some extent especially for occasional footwear, you want to look for more than style, especially daily footwear. Keeping that in mind, we give you the top 5 chappals for men and the best 5 slippers for women.

Footwear is not just a necessity, it also determines your personal identity. Moreover, your choice of footwear says a lot about your personality – if you are funny or funky? Regardless you are a man or a woman, footwear is something you cannot live without. A pair of good shoes not only comfort your feet but also brings out your personality while giving the footwear a good life. That said, we give you the best footwear for both men and women respectively.

If you are planning to buy new footwear, there are many choices available that can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. Fret not. We are there to solve that issue for you.

Read on to explore various types of footwear for men and women and pick the one that reflects you the best.

Top 5 footwear for men

1. Leather flats

If you are looking for a refined and sophisticated look, leather flats are the best. They are available in unique structures and designs that offer a refreshing update to your footwear collection.

2. Black and tan leather sandals

A fantastic combination of colors, it is an excellent wardrobe staple that you will fall in love with. This perfect pair of chappals for men adds a certain sartorial effect to your otherwise normal sandals.

3. Crocs

Though they are not chappals, they certainly add a certain refined look. Made using synthetic material, they are long-lasting and extremely comfortable. These chappals for men are quite popular among travel lovers as they need comfy shoes to walk around.

4. Flip flops

Also known as thongs, flip flops are undoubtedly the most popular footwear. The one thing you will pack for your weekend on the beach would be flip flops. Apart from being the perfect beach apparel, they are comfortable, stylish and are available in various designs and shades.

5. Slide sandals

Also known as slides, they were initially called shower shoes. Later changed to slide sandals, many brands recreated them in such a way to be worn as formal wear as well as daily wear.

Best 5 Ladies slippers for women

1. Kolhapuri chappals

Kolhapuri chappal is one of the popular ladies slippers as they are known for their strength and resilience. These handmade leather footwear are tanned using vegetable dyes. The traditional designs of Kolhapuri footwear make it trendy and evergreen.

2. Gladiator Sandals

Inspired by Roman and Greek gladiators, these ladies slippers/sandals are flat-soled and feature multiple straps beginning from the sole to the end of the strap at the top. Gladiator sandals have become quite popular over the years and have evolved to cover different heights, styles, and materials.

3. Flip Flops

One of the most practical pairs of ladies slippers, flip flops is the footwear that every woman must own. Ideal as everyday sandals, it comprises flat soles and a Y-shaped strap which makes it easy to wear and travel. There are several designs available and are made using various materials that range from rubber, synthetic to glittery metallic straps.

4. Two-strap sandals

Two-strap sandals design is currently trending due to its style, design, and absolute comfort. As in the name, the footwear for women features two wide horizontal cross straps. The slip-on design makes it truly comfortable.

5. T-bar sandals

Another practical, daily footwear for women, T-bar ladies slippers are becoming quite popular. They are flat-soled sandals that feature a buckle to fasten it around the ankle. T-bar sandals are sleek, stylish and add an oomph factor to your legs.

So, there you go – 5 chappals for men and 5 best ladies slippers. A stunning pair of sandals can create the right impression. As there are many styles and designs of footwear available, many people are quite clueless when it comes to choosing the right footwear. We hope you loved our collection of the best footwear for both men and women.