Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Guest Posting Service

If you are struggling with the question – should you consider paid guest posting services for link building, then you are not alone.

After Matt Cutts took upon buying guest blogging service for SEO link building, the matter became even more complicated. He said, “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

Additionally, Google’s John Mueller clearly stated that paid link placements through guest blogging is a manipulative link practice and violate Google’s Search Guidelines.

Thankfully, we are in 2021 and still, hundreds of companies are considering paid guest posting service because it works great for them.

Find out the top 3 reasons why it can work for your SEO link-building strategy as well.

But before that, let’s break the myth surrounding paid guest posting.

Paid Guest Posting is NOT Spamming!!

Buying guest posting services means you will have a professional writer or blogger to curate high-quality content, which you can publish on your site. In return, you will pay them for contributing content to your website. So, this is not link buying and does not violate Google’s link-building guidelines.

Unless you are not paying for large-scale “guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links, you are doing it right.

Why You Should Consider Buying Guest Posting Service?

Here are the primary benefits of using paid guest posting service, but legally and smartly:

1. Build Authority and Credibility

If content writing is not your forte or you do not have the budget to have an in-house content development team, buying guest posting services can be your best bet. Publishing these expertly curated guest posts on high-authority websites, with relevant links directing to your site, can help build brand awareness and credibility.

Buying high-quality and relevant guest posts from top-notch web resource sites are likely to address the audience’s pain points and add value to them. This helps establish your brand as an industry expert, building trust among your prospects. By creating an improved brand impression and integrity, you are likely to drive more qualified leads to your business.

2. Helps Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

One of the primary reasons why you should hire paid guest posting service is it helps increase your search engine rankings. When you have experienced content creators or industry experts guest post on your site or associate with other high-authority sites by publishing quality content, Google will consider your website to be one that adds value to the audience. “Relevance” and “quality” are two crucial ranking factors, and paid guest posting can help take your site to top SERP rankings.

3. Boost Your Website’s Domain Authority

High-quality guest posting on your website or a high-authority site in your niche can help improve your domain authority – one that other websites would like to link to. So, it isn’t just a content marketing strategy but a powerful link-building tool that ensures improved domain authority and higher search engine ranking.

To prevent link spamming and ensure your site does not get penalized, it is crucial to choose a quality web resource site that has a proven track record.

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