Top 3 Factors that Affect the Auto Accident Case

Were you involved in a major car accident? With car accidents, you must have major bills to pay. These include damages to your health, to your vehicle, potential liabilities, and even loss in income due to injuries. Do not take these costs lightly. It is estimated that around 400,000 families in the United each year go bankrupt due to medical costs. If are living in a state like, special laws like comparative negligence also comes into picture. Hence, be sure to hire local legal help like Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. Be sure to ask them about their compensation in advance. Generally, your settlement will be decided by 3 decisive factors below.

Distracted Driving 

Idaho legal framework is based on comparative negligence principle. What this means is – your ability to recover your dues will be based on your comparative fault in the accident, as decided by the jury members. For example, if you have incurred damages worth $20,000, and the jury determines that you were at 10% fault, you will be able to recover $18,000 in settlement. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents. It is estimated that it is main cause of accidents in 21% cases. Furthermore, it is also a cause that is often difficult to prove unless there was clear dash cam footage involved. 


Driving under Influence is also a major cause of accidents. This can also cause several major liabilities including defendants losing rights to their property, potential jail time, and major financial losses. However, these laws are often complex. For example, depending on the state, the substance, the quantity involved, these charges can be dismissed or take major precedence in your accident case. Be sure to ask questions about your particular situation to a lawyer during your free consultation. 


Speeding is one of the curses of the youth. It is estimated that speeding remains a major reason for accidents for youth and among men in general. Women are likely to far less engage in rash driving, and speeding. This is also the reason why women generally get better insurance rates as compared to men. While speeding is an important cause, it often relies on the testimony of witnesses. This includes speaking to the police, bystanders, and third parties like insurance. Your legal help undertake these responsibilities on your behalf. Be sure not to admit guilt after the accident. Speak as little as possible. 

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