Top 3 best chatbot agencies in 2022

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Better known as chatbot, the conversational agent has become an indispensable tool for e-commerce sites in recent years. Very practical, it is a real tool for building customer loyalty. On the market, several companies offer their services to provide SMEs with a chatbot. In order to allow you to make a wise choice, please discover in this post the best agencies for creating chatbots in 2022.

What are the best chatbot agencies in 2022 ?

Here are the top 3 chatbot platforms in 2022 in our opinion:

  • Botnation
  • Zenvia
  • Sendpulse

The Botnation chatbot platform

Botnation is a French chatbot agency that makes it easy to create chatbots. Even if you don’t have any knowledge in development, this platform will allow you to quickly create your chatbot thanks to an easy-to-understand tutorial. Very popular, this platform offers a multichannel service. You can create chatbots for your website, your mobile applications, or for your instant messenger accounts (Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp).

On Botnation, you will find many chatbots models that can be perfectly adapted to your needs. Indeed, on this platform, you can, for example, equip your company with a chatbot for collecting leads, customer service, making contact, or even satisfaction surveys. Moreover, it is possible to personalize the chatbots created on Botnation by adding your company’s effigy, images, videos, or even texts. Before you start using your conversational agent, will give you the opportunity to test and improve it.

Finally, you should know that Botnation has a module that allows you to have an exhaustive view of the expressions and keywords used by your chatbot. You can therefore remove inappropriate terms at any time, or add new words. Moreover, Botnation chatbots are able to identify the non-integrated expressions used by your prospects. This way, you can make the necessary updates in real time to make your chatbot more efficient. Another reason why this platform has become so popular is that it offers the possibility to get free chatbots. In short, Botnation is undoubtedly the best platform for creating chatbots. In the past, it has won the award for the best lead qualification device and the award for the best conversational device at the B2B Marketing Grand Prix.

The Zenvia platform

Zenvia is an agency specialized in the creation of chatbots, and the automation of messages and conversations through different communication channels. On this platform, you can equip your company with a chatbot for internal and external communication. With Zenvia chatbots, you will be able to collect and send documents of different formats, get complete reports on the different indicators of your services.

So whether it is via WhatsApp, Instagram, Voice, SMS, Web Chat, Messenger or RCS, you can use a Zenvia chatbot to implement your consumer surveys, trigger automatic SMS, receive and record calls, or get reports and dashboards. Finally, you should know that Zenvia offers free trials, free templates, and charges a fee that depends on the number of agents, the amount of SMS, and the features you need.

The Sendpulse platform

Sendpulse is a chatbot creation platform that provides its users with conversational agents that can create a multichannel signup widget, write a message flow script for different instant messaging systems, create auto-responder flows on Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, deliver auto-responders to emails, perform A/B testing, or even get basic reports on your activities. In short, it is one of the best chatbot creation platforms on the market.