Top 10 Minoxidil Product Brands in India

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Minoxidil products come in a wide range of formulations. Topical solutions and foams are best for sensitive scalps. Dropper products and those with adjustable swivel arms help the user apply the solution more efficiently. Nonetheless, they may mess up the hair, so the product should be applied to dry hair. To minimize the mess, it is best to use the product on a washcloth or comb.


Rogaine is a popular hair loss treatment. While it has its advantages, generic brands can be much cheaper. While Rogaine is patented in the United States, Rogaine has no such exclusivity in India. However, several generic brands are just as effective. Some of these brands are Kirkland, Equate, and Costco, and even your local drugstore may sell their brand of minoxidil.

Rogaine is made from 5% Minoxidil and has been clinically proven to promote hair growth. Rogaine is an effective treatment for women suffering from thinning hair. It contains alpha-hydroxy acid and known scalp conditioners that help reverse thinning hair. The ingredients in Rogaine are gentle on the scalp, making it suitable for sensitive scalps. The products also contain mild complexes to minimize side effects.

Kirkland Signature:

If you suffer from hair loss, you can use the 5% Minoxidil treatment offered by Kirkland Signature. This product is unscented and helps reactivate hair follicles for increased hair growth. The treatment is effective only if you are 18 and above. Women, however, should not use it. It should be applied twice daily to the scalp, and only men should use it.

You can buy this product for INR 4972 on Healthkart or for free at various other stores. You can choose from the different variants available for this product and can avail the offer in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Kirkland Signature minoxidil product brands in India


Among the best minoxidil in India brands for hair loss, Equate is a popular choice. It contains 2 percent of minoxidil, which helps reactivate hair follicles and stimulate their growth. Equate comes with a three-month supply, and the best results are achieved when used twice daily for at least eight months. The Perrigo Company manufactures the product, a global supplier of healthcare products.

The product is available in topical foam or liquid form. It is advised to use the product every 12 hours, but this may not be feasible for everyone. Some people have busy schedules and don’t want to apply the product simultaneously each day. The best results are achieved when used as needed, but that is not realistic for most people. Besides, the product must be applied to dry hair.

Inoxi 10% solution:

Inoxi, 10% Solution, is a minoxidil hair growth medicine effective for both male pattern baldness and hereditary alopecia. It works by improving blood flow to the hair follicles, preventing hair cell death, and promoting new growth. It is most effective for men with bald spots on the crown of the head, although it can be ineffective for men undergoing a receding hairline.

Inoxi, 10% Solution, is one of the best-selling minoxidil products in India. It is made by a single pharmaceutical company and is available in the form of a lotion. Besides Inoxi, there are also several other brands available in India. Stonark is one brand of a 5% solution that contains both Aminexil and Minoxidil. Another brand available in India is the Black Crown 2% solution by Derma Joint India.