Tips to make your Dull Car Paint Shine Again

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Faded paint can make your vehicle appear much older than it actually is. Though preservation is one of the best ways to keep your car looking new and shiny, you can still rejuvenate and revitalize the paint job, if you find it imperfect.

Why does the paint of a car fade?

Well, you may have a thing for the sun, but your car doesn’t. The harmful rays of the sun oxidize paint to the extent that even wash and wax do not enhance its overall look. Sun is the biggest factor which contributes to fading of your car, but other aspects like environmental pollutants and dirt also add to a lack-luster color and shine.

Paint defects

It is important to give a complete inspection of your car once every 6 months, so you can monitor the condition of your car’s exterior. Look out for swirl mark damage, accidental defacing, scratches- minor or major, water and acid imprint, buffer marks etc.

If you notice spot of these kinds, then it is time to bring back the dull paint to life. 

Begin with giving your car a wash

You will surely want to work on the cleanest surface possible, hence your first step should be to give your car a perfect wash. Wipe out all the dirt, debris, oil and pathogens attached to the paint. There will be possibly more stuck on there that you can imagine. It is important to go for hand wash rather than automatic wash.

Evaluate the paint

Once the exterior is fully clean, you will get to know what really should be done. We suggest going for paint correction services to assess the vehicle deeply to know the severity of the imperfections. You can then compound the paint and work on removing the scratches by shaving microns of thickness on the coat to make it as smooth as possible.

Polish it perfectly

Once the paint has been perfectly examined and compounded, it is time to polish. You should approach polishing services to give your car an amazing color and bring out the true depth and precision of the paint.

Keep it beautiful with paint protection film

You will definitely want to preserve the shiny look of your car as long as possible. You can preserve the like-new paint with a coat of paint protection film. Not only is it glossy and slick, but also offers amazing UV protection and safety from chemicals, dust, dirt grime. It improves the shine of your car and prevents it from stone dents, minor scratches and more. You can get paint protection film applied at First Detailing at the best prices.

Preserve the paint

Now that your car has enjoyed an ultimate spa session, it is time that you proactively work to protect the paint. Use a car cover and make sure you park your car away from direct sunlight. Take your car for regular washes to rinse away dirt and dust so that it doesn’t affect the integrity of your car’s paint.