Tips for teachers to instill kindness in students

Friends to friends and student-to-teacher interactions are strengthened when a culture of compassion is promoted. Making time to purposefully encourage kindness fosters compassion and understanding among people, resulting in stronger bonds. As relationships develop, trust grows, allowing a learning culture to emerge in which all employees are genuinely valued for who they are and what they bring to the table as individuals. Although there’s no doubt that teachers use educational apps, powerpoint presentations, sell online courses, and many other aids to offer the best understanding of the concepts. However, apart from academics they dedicate enough time to cultivating a positive classroom culture by teaching compassion.

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Let’s all do our part to spread compassion. Our few acts of kindness are listed here, but you and your family can come up with your own!

  • Stop to provide a helping hand. Whether it’s requesting a mom who is swinging kids on one side and bags on another, if you can assist her to stack trunk with groceries, engaging a baby in a long line with a game of sneak peak, or going off your way to run errands or complete a task for friends or family, this act is about focusing your attention open and discovering ways to help people in your environment.
  • Make the world more beautiful. Simply by buying or sending flowers, make a card or painting, or produce another craft that someone you know will appreciate. Give it to them or mail it to them with the message that you are thinking of them and that you care.
  • Dinner for two. We all have a family member or friend who might use a break now and then, particularly during mealtime. Make a double batch the next time you make a dish that travels well and bring one with them to lessen their load. Are you more of a takeaway person? On your way home, drop off an additional pizza. They’ll be overjoyed to not have to cook for a night.
  • Send warm wishes to the troops. Make or purchase extra cards to send to those who are serving in the military. Many of them claim that these heartfelt letters of gratitude are the most valued gifts they receive.
  • Allow someone else to go ahead of you in line.This is a significant one, particularly during the long vacation checkout lines. Keep an open mind. Is there someone who only has a couple items compared to your entire cart? An elderly person or a parent with children who would benefit from hurrying through? Let them just go ahead of you to reduce their wait time.
  • Send someone a thoughtful message. We hurry through our busy life, paying little attention to what is going on around us. Consider a professor, parent, close relative, friend, or child whom you respect or who has aided you. Send them a letter and express your feelings. They can save the note and read it later if they are having a bad day.
  • Take care of the mess. Clean up your favourite parks or public space by picking up litter. Alternatively, help a neighbour or friend sweep leaves or shovel snow.
  • It’s time to pay it forward. Cover the cost of a bill for someone that has fallen on hard times, whether it’s a cup of coffee, dinner at a restaurant, a shopping order, or a utility bill. This could be done on almost any budget, and asking your children to donate money from their own savings to the cause can demonstrate the power of giving.

Be kind to your siblings, family, and friends. Motivate your families to surprise each other by assisting each other with daily duties.

  • One older sibling partaking in a smaller sibling’s activity (which they may consider “babyish”) is an example of assisting mom or dad with a duty. This is a wonderful opportunity to instil kindness in the household.
  • Go on a gift-giving spree. You can gift anything depending upon the requirements of other person and your budget, an online course builder subscription might be an excellent gift for a student, likewise a simple kitchen equipment might be an amazing gift for a housewife. 

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