Things You Must Learn About Boat Lettering Before Giving It A Shot

Maximum people cannot make the difference between boat lettering and boat decals. It is because of the high-end similarity these two options possess. Boat lettering is specifically used for lettering and numbering on boats. This will include registration numbers, names, and hailing port designation.

The boat lettering is cut individually from one solid vinyl material without any print on it. This form of lettering cannot be used for printing out images, any form of intricate designs, gradients, or text effects, as those are cut from one solid piece of colored vinyl sheet.

Learning about the boat decals:

On the other hand, you have boat decals, which will have graphics printed on some high adhesive vinyl. These are not made from any individual cut pieces. Remember that boat decals are not going to be pre-masked as it is made from one single piece of material. 

Having one single piece of the material will mean all spacing in the design remains printed onto the material and not into individual portions like with the boat lettering. Decals are mainly designed for displaying images and logos. The colors, gradients, images, and letter effects will be printed on high adhesive form vinyl material.

The options are interchangeable:

The stickers, graphics, and decals are noted to be interchangeable for describing the boar decal item. The main purpose of graphics, decals, and stickers will remain the same. 

  • Now, when it comes to boat lettering, there are some height requirements, which need to be noted in mind.
  • In most instances, the boat lettering needs to be around 3 inches in height and can be block-style letters, preferred for the boat registration numbers.
  • For any kind of hailing port identification, the letters need to be around 4 inches in height but will not need to be in block letters. 
  • It is highly recommended that you check or verify the local regulations for any specified height requirements. That way, you can be sure of the lettering before working on it.

Perfect place for figuring out the boat lettering placement:

In most cases, the boat’s registration numbers are needed to be displayed on the forward half of the boat. It is also called the bow of the boat. It remains as high as possible above the waterline. Make sure to keep the registration numbers displayed on both sides of the boat. So, it is vital for you to change the quantity to two while ordering to receive a number for every side of the boat.

Not quite meant for long-lasting sub-merge:

Both boat decals and letterings are not made with the intention to be submerged in water for an extended time. Submerging decals and letters for a long time might deteriorate the adhesion of the product and even the quality of the graphics as well. So, make sure to place the lettering right above the waterline to ensure its correct working capability, and it can be seen as per the state or local regulations.  

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