Things To Know When Moving Out For The First Time

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Moving out and being on your own has perhaps been on your mind for a while. But being your first time, you are unsure of how to go about it. You also don’t know what to expect in this new adventure. Don’t be scared. After reading through this piece, you will discover that it’s not that hard, and you will be able to make up your mind.

Tips For First-time Movers

Be Sure About It

You need to be prepared for the next big step you are about to take. You should be prepared emotionally first before any other thing. If you still seem unsure about it all, talk to people around you about it and get opinions, guidance and encouragement from them.

Make Financial Plans

Now that you are sure about your decision to move out and be on your own, you need money to finance it. Aside from the payment for the House Removalists Perth, you will need to be able to cover other expenses that come with moving out. Such as hiring a professional moving service such as Mayflower. Your best option is to create a budget with professional advice from a financial planner Perth, as this budget is what is going to guide you when searching for and after finding an apartment.

Based on your budget, you should be sure that whatever your means of income is, you should be able to afford at least 6 months’ rent or a year.

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Search For Apartments

Once you are sure of your means of income, you can then begin the search for your apartment. In searching, have a budget cap and try not to go above it. One of the things you should also consider when searching is the nearness to your place of work or school. If you don’t have a car, you should also consider how close the train or bus station is to the apartment.

When you get a place you like, ask the managers if there are extra charges so you can know if it all still fits within your budget.

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Create A Moving List

Draw up a list of everything you need for your new apartment. After drawing up the initial list, look at it and decide the most important ones that are needed right away. Others can be acquired much later as time goes, or as more finance flows in.

Some of the most important things you need for your first move are:

  • Bed and beddings: a mattress, pillows and duvet sets
  • Curtains: these include curtains for all your windows, doors if needed and shower curtains
  • Kitchen utensils: plates, spoons, forks, pots and other essential kitchen needs
  • Cleaning products: dishwasher, bathroom and toilet washer, laundry detergents, disinfectant wipes etc.
  • First aid kit
  • Toolbox
  • Extension boxes.

After you settle in and you have enough cash to spare, you can then go ahead and buy other items to make your new home comfortable for you.


If you have the ones you are using already, just continue with them. If you don’t have or you want to change, go for used ones, or accept donations from friends and families. Irrespective, you are to require the services of furniture movers to help you move to your new address.

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Understand Your Lease Agreement

Before you put pen to paper on that lease agreement, make sure you understand every word of it. It is advisable you run it through a lawyer if you have one, or let your parents or any adult around you take a look at it for you. This is so that you won’t be trapped in an agreement that won’t favour you in the long run.

You should know how to break a lease legally if the need arises, so it won’t reflect on your records and affect your chances of getting new apartments.

Final Thoughts

Your first move might be the hardest, but successive ones will not be an issue for you once you get a hang of it. These tips will serve as a guide and make your transition smooth.