These tech trends would guide companies in the next 5-10 years

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The need for operational resiliency has never been more necessary in the business world than it is now. Precisely for this reason, the  technologies that  should impact the world  in 2021 will be those that help organizations to be more flexible and more capable of adapting to circumstances. 2022 trends   fall under three themes:  focus  on people, location independence and resilient delivery.  The trends presented do not operate in isolation. Together, they enable the organizational plasticity that will guide companies over the next 5 to 10 years.  

Trend 1: Streaming Platforms

Popularity of streaming services is growing every day. Main reason behind this is that it’s cheaper and more comfortable compared to cable/satellite services. Streaming services actually allow customers to choose features which they wanna choose. Those services, especially Twitch, have become a prominent platform for making content. Furthermore, twitch has become one the best ways for making money.. If you love creating content, Twitch is the right place for you. Buy twitch viewers to make your content popular and start earning right now.

Trend 2: Distributed Cloud

An average of between 75% and 90% of data should be generated outside of traditional storage centers and individual clouds. This includes trends like distributed cloud computing.  

When talking about  distributed cloud,  cloud  services  are  spread  to different physical locations, but the operation, governance and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider. The idea is to speed up communication between global services, making it more responsive in specific regions. This model “provides an agile environment for  low-latency scenarios, reduces data costs, and helps accommodate laws that dictate that data must remain in a specific geographic area”.   

Trend 3: Operations Anywhere 

This  operating model allows businesses to be accessed, delivered and enabled anywhere, providing enhanced virtual and physical experiences for employees and customers. More than teleworking and remote customer service, this operating model includes value-added experiences in collaboration and productivity, ensuring cloud and cutting edge infrastructure, secure remote access and automation to support remote operations.  

Trend 4: Cybersecurity Fabric 

The cybersecurity fabric is a distributed architectural approach to scalable, flexible, and reliable cybersecurity control. This concept refers to technology that allows anyone   to securely  access any digital asset, regardless of where the asset  or person is located. As operations continue to evolve, the cybersecurity fabric  will be the  most practical approach to ensuring secure access and use of cloud computing-based applications and distributed data from uncontrolled devices.