The Trinidad and Tobago national cricket team

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When thinking about cricket in the Caribbean, probably most people imagine the West Indies squad. Some great and different sports betting is on 1xBet, and offers great options for its users to wager on lots of teams.

The West Indies is composed of the best players from a number of nations. One of the countries who contributes with a lot of players is the Trinidad and Tobago national cricket squad. This team plays some very interesting matches, and 1xBet is the best place where punters can make different sports betting on those contests.

History of the squad

Cricket arrived in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago during the 19th century. Among locals and immigrants it was easy to find lots of people interested in the sport. For this reason, a good number of individuals started to play it in an active manner. Punters can find the cricket betting rate – has some excellent odds on all matches played by this squad.

It was because of this interest that in the 1870s lots of competitions were organized. These were some professional instances that featured the Trinidad and Tobago team and squads from neighboring islands.

During the 1970s the squad started to become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, in that year they participated in teams like the Shell Shield and the Beaumont Cup. They were to win a few titles from those championships. The 1xBet site has great cricket betting rates and odds on other interesting cricket tournaments that are played in this part of the world.

The modern days

Currently, Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t play against other national squads. Instead, it takes part in domestic competitions in the Caribbean region. The country contributes with a fair share of players into the amazing West Indies cricket team. Currently 1xBet is a bet India app, and punters can use it to start wagering on the matches of this excellent national squad.

On its own, the Trinidad and Tobago national cricket team participates in, for example, the Super50 Cup. This is a tournament where List A cricket is played, and this squad is the absolute winner of the championship. In fact, they are by far the most winning side in the tournament. These achievements have been obtained thanks to players like:

  • Darren Bravo;
  • Jason Mohammed;
  • Kieron Pollard;
  • and Denesh Ramdin.

The 1xBet India app is a software that can be used to bet whenever players of this category are in the field. The squad also performs in different Twenty20 cricket competitions across the Caribbean. Regardless of the cricket form they play, the Trinidad and Tobago national cricket team has shown that it is a powerful squad on its own.