The Price of Physical Fitness: Ido Fishman Speaks

I am sure you will agree that physical fitness happens to be something that every person ought to strive for owing to multiple reasons. Fitness is vital for medical purposes as well as for your quality of life overall which includes mental health. Although it is true that maintaining physical fitness has advantages galore, there are certain drawbacks that you need to be privy to as well. Ido Fishman has talked about these drawbacks several times to emphasize their importance. According to him, fitness can come at a considerable price that most people tend to overlook. So the question now is that what is this price exactly?

This article, will delve into the potential drawbacks of physical fitness and the impact it can have on you and even on the people around you.

Overuse Injuries

In order to comprehend some of the challenges you maycome across on your physical fitness quest, it is first crucial to come to terms with one fundamental truth: Exercise has the potential to damage your body. That said, this particular damage is actually a positive thing according to Ido Fishman. As a response, your human brain begins a stream of certain biological procedures that serve to rebuild the impacted tissue much stronger than it was earlier.

The issue, however, is that you can experience too much stress if you exercise too regularly or very hard. That denies your body the shot of properly and efficiently recovering. As a case to point, when you go on a run, your knees have to facevery strong impact forces that happen to be about 4 times your body weight with every step. When you run each day, then, exerts a lot of pressure on your joints and puts them through far more than what they can handle safely.

You may be thinking what is the consequence of that? Well, what happens consequently is that you can faceany combination of overuse injuries which in fact is a huge drawback of physical fitness. People use this as an umbrella terminology, and overuse injuries can cover anything that runs the gamut from tendonitisto minor stress fractures present in the bone.


Any expert will tell you that unmet goals and frustration are a real and authentic part of your fitness expedition. Things will most surely act as an obstacle in your way as you are working towards progress and making changes in your life.

People who have made numerous attempts previously to shed some pounds or accomplish some other fitness goal just throw in the proverbial towel and give up when they do not manage to attain those goals.  That said, the same may also happen to those people who have taken to exercise for several years are quite fit already. This particular group of people might find that the progress they are making has slowed down or that change in their conditions have made it challenging to keep pace with their previous fitness routine. These factors (alone or combined) can considerably contribute to discontentment and even anxiety and severe depression in some cases. These negative emotions can impact your fitness journey in a very bad way!

Alterations in Appetite

In addition to other things, physical exercise and fitness can have a significant impact on your appetite and the manner in which your human body makes use of the energy that you derive from the food that you eat. As per Ido Fishman, it is unfortunate however that these changesmay not be as productive as you may have thought so! Even some of the fitness experts around the world are not completely certain as to how exercise and fitness routines can impact your hunger level.

In some instances, fitness exercise can appear to lower your appetite. This holds true immediately following or during rigorous workouts. However, there is also some concrete evidence available that suggests that these same fitness workout routines will make you feel even morefamishedmuch later on as your body tries to regather the energy that you burned up at your local gym.

Largely, it appears like the fitness workout type you are making use of along with your diet’s overall composition will control whether you feel less or more hunger as your level of fitness progresses.

Social Impacts

It is very much true that when you become or are on the path to become more physically fit, it can impact the social relationships that you have. Doctors agree that fitness is not simply about exercising a couple of times every week or eating in a specific manner; it requires a full lifestyle change. That can make it challenging for you to hold on to current relationships and make them work for numerous reasons.

For example, your new lifestyle can need you to adopt a new fitness schedule that is in stark conflict with your peers’ plans to go out somewhere. Alternately, you may choose to not consume the same foods and drinks anymore that your friends do keeping in mind your fitness goals. In addition, it also very much a possibility that your peers may be a poor influence on you. Thy can encourage and push you to take important decisions that disagree with your fit lifestyle. Therefore, trying to stay physically fit can strain your personal relationships with others and some people view this as a big disadvantage.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that physical fitness has its drawbacks that you will have to deal with at some point in time after you begin your journey to become physically fit. Although now you might be aware of the unique disadvantages and challengesof physical fitness, you should also know that these drawbacks are in fact minimal when you compare them to the actual benefits.

Most of the time, you can easily avoid these drawbacks of physical fitnessvia meticulous planning, following a certain program and establish the right and manageable goals for yourself. Here, it is important to meet these goals and not let anything get in the way.

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