The Power of Social Media Influencers: What to Look Out for in 2021

Social media influencers are an integral part of the information network. They have the power to influence people and their choices. This is so amazing how they build their relations with their respective audience and inspire them like no other.

No doubt that social media has changed our lives. But we can not forget the contribution of our social media influencers. From $8 billion in 2019, the influencer marketing industry is expected to become a $15 billion industry in coming years.

You may wonder why people are shifting their interest towards influencer marketing from traditional marketing techniques. Isn’t it? Let’s find out.

Why is influencer marketing chosen over traditional advertising?

This question itself says a lot about the power of social media influencers. 

Every brand searches for the best marketing techniques so that it can achieve its business goals such as brand recognition, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and good relationship with the consumers. 

Advertising your products will promote your message for sure, but you are still not sure about its effect on your audience. 

Here comes the role of influencer marketing! 

Isn’t it wonderful that the audience you want to target is willingly following someone who can promote your brand! Your audience trusts them. So, they will be easily convinced. 

Every social media influencer belongs to a particular field and has his niche. 

So it is obvious for them to have a particular kind of audience. And now you are sure that your message is reaching the right audience.

You should lookout for the following trends in 2021

  • Long-term partnership: 

You paid an influencer for a post, he supported your brand, and then what? Nothing? This thing is going to change in 2021 and beyond. Influencers are looking forward to working with the brands in the long term. 

Partnership with the brands and working on their different projects together will be the new normal.

  • Numbers won’t matter much: 

Imagine a social media influencer having millions of followers promoting your product. But at the same time, the audience is not interested to know about it.

Will it help? Not at all!

Working with the influencer whose audience matches your product is way better than paying a huge amount of money to the influencer having millions of followers but a low return on investment for your company. 

It is more clear from a survey in 2019 that engagement rates of micro-influencers are higher (around 7 percent).

  • Businesses will use their staff as influencers: 

The trend will change from ‘companies hire influencers’ to ‘companies make influencers’.

In 2021, businesses will start using their staff as influencers. People who are familiar with the product can introduce it effectively and this will be the concept behind this trend.

  • Content will be given more priority than the creator:

Sometimes, even celebrities are not as effective as the creators with engaging content.

People are no more interested in creators and are looking forward to engaging and valuable content. 

Engaging content is more attractive than the name of the creator who produced it, and no doubt that engaging content can effectively influence your audience.

  • Live content is more likely to contribute:

Influencers can be benefitted from the people following their live content. This will help them to give more authentic content to the audience. 

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, this trend can become even more popular. 

  • Influencers will start being more specific: 

Every social media influencer is an expert in a specific field. This trend will continue in the future, but influencers will start being even more specific in their niche. 

Suppose a field of expertise of an influencer is cooking. But when it comes to being more specific, just ‘cooking’ won’t work, because still, people don’t know what kind of food they can learn to cook from the person. 

Hence, being more specific will attract an interested and specific audience which will be better for brands too. 

  • Running Ads: 

We have already discussed the benefits of influencer marketing over advertising, but what if running ads is the new influencer marketing trend!

Influencers will be paid for this and this can be a popular trend in the future which will benefit both the influencer and the brand. 

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  • Video content will keep ruling:

Video content is already popular and in demand. This kind of high-quality influencer content attracts people towards the brand. 

Video content always has more engagement than any other kind of content. And, this trend is going to rise in the coming years.

Wrapping Up

People always want someone whom they can trust and follow. It is natural for us to trust someone who provides us value. This is the reason social media influencers are powerful and they have the power to affect the decision of a person. Hence, influence marketing is used for growing businesses these days.During the pandemic, the use of social media has increased manifolds. Most of the businesses and jobs have come online. In such situations, hot trends are never going to lose their growing popularity. 

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It will be better to keep an eye on the online market and trends so that you won’t regret it later.

Guest Blogger

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. He is passionate about helping businesses grow using the power of the internet. Robb graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA and currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA. Robb enjoys writing about digital marketing, helping his clients turn their dreams into reality, and he is a HUGE Mike Trout fan.

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