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What Is An LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED is a device that is used for the emission of light. The light-emitting diode produces light when the current flows through it. In simple words, the LED is used for light production. LED is a semiconductor device. Light-emitting diodes are being greatly used nowadays. The light-emitting diodes are used in bulbs, displays, remote controls, and many more things. This device has great use in our daily lives. We are surrounded by many things that consist of LEDs. 

The LEDs can emit light in different colors. The color of the LED is determined by the material and composition of the LED. The particles of light are called photons. Photons are energy packets and light travels and transmit in the form of these energy packets. As we know that the light travels in the form of waves and every wave has a specific wavelength that can be measured. The wavelength of that wave decides the color that will be produced. Different materials produce different wavelengths and the color depends upon the material used for making LEDs

Material Usage:

As the color of light is decided by the material that is used, different materials are used based on the requirement. 

Following are the materials that are mostly used to manufacture LEDs:

  • Indium Gallium Nitride
  • Aluminium Gallium Indium Phosphide
  • Aluminium Gallium Arsenide
  • Gallium Phosphide

Each of these materials produces different colors. And any of these can be used for manufacturing LED according to the color requirement.

LED Displays:

LEDs are used for display purposes. In an LED display an arrangement of light-emitting diodes is used. A large number of LEDs are placed together in such a way that they can be used to display multimedia. This array of LEDs is called an LED display. LED displays are more efficient than LCDs. LED displays have become very well-known due to the 


Following are the uses of LED displays,

  • LED displays are widely used for advertisement purposes. Different brands use LED displays for the advertisement of their products or their services.
  • LED displays can be used for outdoor displaying. The LED displays have a great light intensity which is of vital importance in an outdoor advertisement.
  • LED displays are being used in live concerts and events.
  • LED displays are used in official meetings for presentations and other purposes.
  • LED displays can be used in seminars.
  • LED displays are now being used in wristwatches. These LED watches have a great physical appearance and they provide great brightness levels in daylight.
  • LED displays are being frequently used for stage lighting and other decorative purposes.
  • LED displays are also used in our homes. LEDs have taken the place of LCD TVs. Nowadays LCD TVs are not used because of their old technology and LEDs have become very popular.
  • LED displays can be also used instead of a traditional projector. Because LED displays can provide much better quality than projectors. LED displays are better than projectors in terms of brightness, contrast, and clarity.

LCD Vs LED Display:

The LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs use a backlight and act as reflectors. On the other hand, the LEDs themselves produce light. LCDs use the property of liquid crystals of light modulation. LED displays provide great quality when compared to LCDs. 

As we know that nowadays devices that use less electricity and are environmentally friendly are getting popular. Everyone wants better intensity of light and color contrast in the display. LED displays provide wonderful quality outdoors and indoors. LCDs were used for advertisements but now LED displays have taken their place due to their great quality and better color contrast. Now LED displays are used everywhere in daily life.

Best LED Display Suppliers:

A large number of companies are manufacturing LED displays. LED displays can be bought from offline markets and online markets. When buying an electronic device online, a person has to buy from a reliable and trusted company. 

Premteco is the most reliable and trusted company that manufactures top-quality LED displays. Premteco has been manufacturing LED displays since 2003. Premteco manufactures a large number of different LED displays for different events and uses.

Following are some products that are being manufactured by Premteco:

  • Front Service LED display
  • COB LED display
  • LED display banner
  • Flexible LED display
  • Mobile LED display
  • Media facade LED display
  • Transparent LED display, etc.

Premteco manufactures a great variety of LED display products. Premteco is striving to provide the most advanced and automated machinery. Premteco has efficient teamwork. Premteco provides the quickest and efficient service to their customers. 

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