The Pocket Watch: A Luxury Timepiece

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While many people believe pocket watches are exclusively for formal occasions, we are seeing an increasing number of attractive guys incorporate them into a more casual style. A pocket watch is an excellent accent to a sophisticated casual ensemble, adding an instant touch of refinement. So, how can you dress a pocket watch casually?

Why are they so popular?

Believe it or not, pocket watches originated in the 13th century in Japan. They were an expression of a merchant’s power and wealth, and had to be worn underneath the vest. It soon became the most common watch worn in Japan and around the world. Pocket watches then became a mark of luxury and status, and then pocket watches started to be used as the timekeeper of bankers, watchmakers, inventors, statesmen, and prime ministers.  Until the late 19th century, there was hardly any distinction between pocket watch and wrist watch. They were the same equipment, with the only difference being the strap. The pocket watch was pocket-sized and easily hidden in clothing.

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Dressing a pocket watch for casual occasions

Flannel PJs  This may be the most common form of pocket watch casuals, but they can work for any sort of casual look. If you have a lot of flannel PJs, then you can make them work with a black or white dress shirt. Instead of buying some casual flannel PJs, pick up some new cotton ones. Choose a shirt that looks good with them. A shirt with a nice front patch pocket is the perfect choice. Then, get two matching flannel pants and a black fleece zip up jacket. Use a pocket watch pocket clip to keep the pocket watch close to your body while adding a touch of style.  The Watch: The Bachelor Edition  This is a great choice for those who like to wear suits. Find a watch that is not too flashy and not too big. Look for a single-button watch so that you can wear it without a shirt if you want to.

What to wear with a pocket watch

Since pocket watches are subtle pieces, you can always find a more sophisticated item that will work with them, such as a tailored jacket, cardigan or blazer, a fitted hat, classic oxford shoes, and even bow tie. If you don’t feel like going with an ensemble you can’t look your best in, keep these tips in mind before settling on the accessories that go with your pocket watch:  Glovebox pocket watch: When you have a small wallet or purse, keep this small, luxury timepiece in a glovebox or desk drawer. You can never go wrong with this option, as the key to owning a pocket watch is to have the right watch-carrying accessory for it.  When you have a small wallet or purse, keep this small, luxury timepiece in a glovebox or desk drawer.

Picking the right pocket watch style

There are two types of pocket watches; however, all are classically attractive. The first type is a pocket watch with a brace. The bracelet is a traditional, but it can be easily removed and replaced with a chain and buckle that is lightweight and quick-to-wear. A bracelet that can be worn over the wrist or as a slim pendant (the Waltham pocket watch, and the Seiko pocket watch) is perfect for less formal outfits.  The other type of pocket watches is a casual timepiece. For example, the Omega Speedmaster has a sleek design and can be worn with a casual outfit. While, the Seiko Seas watch is all over Instagram and has an elegant look, yet it is still suitable for both formal and casual outfits.

When to wear your pocket watch

If you’re looking to transition a pocket watch into a casual wardrobe, it should be paired with a neutral and sophisticated casual outfit. Its small size and position within a suit or tuxedo jacket will make it easier to pair with light-colored casual shirts. Additionally, pair it with some light-weight casual trousers, or a casual sports coat. It’s a very subtle accent for a formal outfit, so its subtlety will likely attract less attention to itself.  In addition to pairing a pocket watch with casual clothes, keep in mind the statement it makes in formal outfits. In a suit or tuxedo jacket, you’ll look great in the way you carry your pocket watch. If you want a more comfortable experience, you can use a clip-on pendant or necklace.

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