The oldest football team outside of England

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As it is the case with many other sports, football comes from England. As such, many of the oldest teams in existence come from that nation. Punters can go to the website – best sports betting sites Pakistan offer lots of football teams from that part of the world.

However, during the late 19th century, the sport started to slowly expand around the world. The first football team to be established outside of England was Kjøbenhavns Boldklub, which was founded on the 26th of April 1876 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The best sports betting site in Pakistan is 1xBet, which can be used to wager on the best aspects of Danish football.

As it is the case with many of the first football squads to be established outside of British territory, Kjøbenhavns Boldklub was created partly by English people.

Relationship with F.C. Copenhagen

F.C. Copenhagen is currently one of the most important football teams in Denmark. In Danish language, the squad is known as FC København. The latter can be wagered at any moment by going to the website.

The similarity between the names of the two teams might lead to confusion. Indeed both teams have a relationship. However, they started as completely separate entities. In 1991, FC København and Kjøbenhavns Boldklub merged. Since then, the latter has been serving as the official reserves team for the former. All the football teams from Denmark can be wagered at any moment by going to the 1xBet online bookmaker website.

Many sports and first match

During most of its history, Kjøbenhavns Boldklub has featured many sports disciplines. The team has actually been quite successful on any of them. Despite now serving as the reserve team for FC København, it has also had some success in football as well. Right now, you can download 1xBet new version and wager on all the sports where this teams participates, which include:

  • badminton;
  • swimming;
  • cricket;
  • péntaque;
  • and of course, football.

When football was introduced for the first time by Kjøbenhavns Boldklub, it wasn’t because of competitive reasons. Instead, it was introduced as a physical activity for the Danish military. However, the sport quickly became quite popular. Once other football squads were established in Denmark, it was possible to start playing the first matches. Punters can download the new version of the 1xBet app, and use it to wager on all the great chances offered by the entertaining Danish football.