Many inventions can save lives, especially in the field of driving. But despite all the advancements of GPS trackers, backup cameras and automated taillights, you can easily get involved in a car accident. They can have several unwanted consequences such as serious bodily injury, stress and trauma. Some of the accidents are quite predictable and can be avoided, others cannot. There are several reasons for this.

We will discuss in this article the major causes of accidents around the world. You can categorize some as human errors, while others are termed as technical faults.

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Distracted Driving

Learning to drive a car with a lot of instructions can prove boring to many, especially teens. But all the advice usually comes in handy in helping prevent you from having an accident due to distraction. Many people have a habit of texting while driving; many talk on the phone while others groom and take notes about their next scheduled meeting. All these activities are quite dangerous as you have to switch between tasks and they cause you to take your eyes off of the road. Your brain might also get confused and the distraction can lead to an accident.

Reckless Driving

When we talk about reckless driving, teens and youngsters are the usual targets. They tend to switch lanes rapidly, break laws and often do not follow any preventive measures. This situation is not only bad for them but can prove deadly to other road users. 


Driving on a sunny day is everybody’s dream, but it turns into a nightmare if it rains, hail or the roads or slippery from sleet. It causes a loss of traction in the tyres which can cause the motor vehicle’s direction to unwittingly change. With that, high wind speed also cause many accidents as road side debris flies in every direction, which can cause sudden blindness if it comes in front of you.


Many people have a bad habit of driving too close to the motor vehicle ahead of them. They choose to ignore the recommended one car length rule. This tailgate driving is dangerous as the other driver may have to hit the brakes all of a sudden. If they do it can trigger a chain of accidents at the rear, and many drivers can be affected.

Drunk Driving

DUI is a strict offence, yet many people do it. When you are under the influence of drugs, your brain loses all functions, and you can’t drive properly. It also impairs your visibility, and hence the chances of colliding with another car increases.

Vehicle Designs

All vehicles are manufactured differently. The design and the use of technology depend on the make and model and the company manufacturing it. Some motor vehicles have a maximum speed limit for travelling around bends due to being top heavy. If the driver takes a corner above the maximum speed limit the vehicle can topple over which can cause a chain of accidents. Furthermore, heavy vehicles are not supposed to speed anywhere in urban areas, but some drivers choose to do so anyway.


Speeding is one of the major causes of all accidents across the globe. High speed can cause life-threatening injuries or, in severe cases, death. The resulting collision can have forceful impacts and causes greater damage. If you cannot spot the hazard earlier, you might get involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffer injuries.  If you suffer injuries in a car accident you should strongly consider instructing car accident lawyer Perth to assist you with your claim for car crash compensation.

Lane Changes

It is said that leaving the house five minutes earlier can save time on the road. If you hurry and change lanes faster without proper timing and signals, you will be more likely to get into an accident. Many people cut off other vehicles without thinking of what will be in front of the other vehicle. Additionally, there may be less room to pass, which means the driver in front does not have sufficient space to take evasive action. In these circumstances a motor vehicle accident might be inevitable.


It is very important for a driver is to be alert when behind the wheel. In some cases, people travel a lot or work very long hours in a job that involves driving. These people tend to get sleepy or tired whilst driving which extremely dangerous. If you are feeling fatigued, tired or sleepy you should pull your vehicle over to have a rest to reduce the risk of you being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Road Conditions

Many locations around the world have poorly maintained roads with open potholes. One can easily damage a tire suddenly, which will cause the motor vehicle to veer suddenly. The uneven roads can also cause a car to change direction suddenly. On roads of this type you need to drive slowly and cautiously so as to reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a car accident.

Wrong Turns

Some locations are new to drivers, and hence whilst driving, they may take wrong turns, especially if they miss there turn off. People tend to forget which way they are travelling and ignore the road signs which can be very dangerous.  When travelling in an area that is unfamiliar to you it is important that you plan journey before you leave and use a satellite navigation system to keep you and the occupants of your car safe from the risks of being involved in car accident.

Night Driving

You should be aware that driving at night is not advisable. There is less visibility, and you usually cannot see well what is ahead of you. The risk of accidents increases as there is less traffic and people are therefore are tempted to speed.  If you can the drive during the day instead of at night.  If you need to drive at night then do not speed.


Many accidents happen at intersections.  When proceeding through an intersection you must always obey the road signs and traffic lights.  You should also drive slowly and be prepared to stop if needs be.  Be aware that other motor vehicles might make a mistake and pedestrians might enter the road unexpectedly.

Animals Crossing

There are some areas where wild animals are abundant on the roads. All drivers should be aware of this and slow down while they are driving in these areas. When driving in these types of areas drive slower so that you are prepared to stop if needs be.  If an animal enters the road then do not swerve to avoid it.  Pulse breaking is recommended in these circumstances.

We wish you the safest possible journey.

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