The dark horses of the 2022 World Cup – Switzerland

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The biggest football tournament in the world among the national teams starts very soon. The 22nd World Cup will be held in Qatar, as usual, 32 of the best teams from around the world will take part in it. Football fans and gamblers place bets on their favorites at bookmakers.

So o ynash it’s more interesting to play, plus you can earn extra money on your knowledge and luck. However, if the bet on the clear favorites, the teams of Brazil, France and England, will bring only a minimal win, then by studying the “dark horses” of the tournament, you can win much more. Today we will talk about the Swiss national team, which in recent decades has been a formidable force for any opponent.

Brief information about the Swiss national team

Switzerland is one of those teams that is always in the status of one of the teams that can surprise at the World and European Championships. The victory over the French national team and the stubborn struggle with the Spanish national team at EURO 2020 is another confirmation of this. This team has a lot of experienced players who play in the top clubs in Europe.

Let’s talk about interesting facts about the team:

  • Switzerland will take part in the World Championships for 12 times.
  • This year, the national team made a surprise in the qualifying rounds, where it was able to take first place in the group with the Italian national team.
  • The highest achievement at the world championships – 1/4 finals (1934, 1938, 1954).
  • In the last 5 World Cups, Switzerland has managed to qualify for the knockout stages 4 times out of 5.

The head coach of the team preaches a style of play with a tough high defense, while tactics always adapt to a specific opponent. The Swiss defend very well. With the best teams in the world, the national team always plays the same way, imposes a tight defense with a high line and constant pressure.

Who will face Switzerland in Group G at the 2022 World Cup?

The Swiss immediately fell into the same group with the main favorite to win the World Cup – the Brazilian national team. Also in the rivals of Murat Yakin’s team are the national teams of Serbia and Cameroon. It can be assumed that the Pentacampions will be the main favorite in the group, and the remaining 3 teams have approximately equal chances of taking the second position, however, Switzerland looks preferable compared to Cameroon and Serbia.

Match schedule:

  • November 24th. Switzerland-Cameroon.
  • November 28. Switzerland-Brazil.
  • December 2nd. Switzerland-Serbia.

As you can see, the Swiss team will play the first match at the 2022 World Cup against Cameroon. This is a great chance to score debut 3 points already at the start of the tournament and take 1-2 places. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that the final match between the national teams of Switzerland and Serbia will be the decisive match for reaching the playoffs from this group. Thus, it is possible that the second best team will be determined by the difference between goals scored and conceded (with a draw in a face-to-face meeting and mutual defeats of Brazil).


Bookmakers evaluate the chances of qualifying from the group of the Swiss national team with a coefficient of 1.95. The chances of Murat Yakin’s team to win the World Cup are estimated at 100.00. Compared to the Serbian national team, Switzerland’s chances of reaching the playoffs are slightly higher. If the national team can beat Cameroon in the first match, then these chances will increase even more. With the Brazilian national team, the Swiss are quite capable of repeating the result at the 2018 World Cup, where a draw was recorded. In the match with the Serbian national team, the game will be approximately equal, with a slight advantage in favor of the team of Murat Yakin.

Thus, we assume that the Swiss team will reach the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup with 4 or 6 points from second place.