The biggest transfers in soccer

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Lionel Messi’s entire career was spent at Barcelona, so most fans associate this team with the Argentine player. Quite unexpectedly in the summer of 2020, Messi expressed his desire to leave the club.  In the near future, it is likely that we are waiting for one of the most incredible transfers of recent times.

Now we would like to remember the most unexpected soccer events. This article will not talk about the transfer of Luis Figo, as well as Mario Götze, as almost everyone knows about them.

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In 4th place is Cafu: Zaragoza vs Juventude

In 1994, the Brazilian national team won the world soccer championship. Thanks to this event, a player named Cafu was recognized as one of the best footballers of the year in the South American region. After that, the footballer moved to Europe and assisted Sargos in his desire to win the cup.

At the age of 25, the Brazilian resident decided to return to his native country in FC Juventude. At first, this step was not understood by many, but a little later it was fully justified. “Sao Paulo is the player’s native club. This situation was being monitored by a potential opponent, Palmerais. At this time, “Sao Paulo” had a backup and a deal with “Zaragoza” was in place.

One of the clauses in the contract stated the latter’s obligation to pay $3.6 million if Cafu was resold to the opposing team. Later clubs signed another contract to buy the player, at the same time including in the deal another team – “Juventude”. With the latter, the player had a partnership. As a result, Cafu spent 16 days at this club, but did not take part in any competition. After that he returned back.

On the 3rd place is D. Beckham: “Real Madrid vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

Beckham was a resounding success with the signing of the MSL promotion deal. At the time, the player was considered one of the most in-demand players on the planet. Bringing the star of world soccer to the MSL was considered a sensational event.

In 2nd place, Alan Shearer: “Blackburn” – “Newcastle”

Alan brought the championship to the Blackburn club in the 1994 – 1995 competition. At that time, the player was recognized as one of the best scorers of the APL. The player was a direct help to the club and beat out MU. Ferguson had a desire to own the forward as he took away their lead.

Shearer expressed his satisfaction with the situation. Already at the end of the deal, the player considered himself a part of this FC. The player had long wanted to fight for Manchester City. There were several reasons why Alan wanted to move to Newcastle. Shearer had a simple explanation about it, allegedly Ferguson did not want to put him in the place of the club’s chief penalty taker.

The rest of his career Alan spent at Newcastle, and he was recognized as one of the best scorers for the period of the existence of the club. But in the competition in favor of the team player did not win a single victory.

In 1st place was D. Maradonna: “Barcelona” – “Napoli”

Initially, this transfer looked like a spontaneous act of a soccer player. At the time, the club Napoli had never been declared champion. The possibility of a transfer appeared solely because of the involvement of the criminal structure. Despite the constant violations Maradonna was able to lead Napoli to the championship of the team. In addition, the top scorer of the tournament won the European Cup for the team. As a result, this transfer was recognized as the best transfer in soccer history.