The best sites for mastering the World of Warcraft universe for beginners

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The gaming universe of World of Warcraft is constantly being supplemented and improved, which attracts new players and keeps old and experienced gamers on Blizzard servers.

Players must master many game mechanics in order to fully unleash the possibilities of a game project and enjoy the game, understanding their benefits and impact on the life of Azeroth’s servers.

The choice of race and faction plays a secondary role if you know how to farm, conduct PVP, earn gold and go through dungeons.

If you are a beginner, then you should familiarize yourself with useful sites and services that will help you explore all the content of interest.

Main sites and services:

  • Wowhead
  • WowFandom a link to site for providing services for gamers from professional players. Gold, help in passing dungeons, boosting and coaching.


Gold is the main currency in the world of Azeroth and World of Warcraft. For it, weapons and equipment are purchased, all possible operations and transactions among players are paid for, consumables and NPS services are bought.

There is never enough gold, so you can always buy it from professional Skycoach players, who guarantee a refund in case of disputes and disguise the transaction as normal trading in order to avoid potential sanctions from the game administration.


A service during which you transfer your account to the management of a professional Skycoach player, who will provide character enhancement by leveling up, or completing raids. Upon assurance of the service, it is recommended to change the password. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and uses VPN to prevent gaming sanctions from the gaming administration.


One of the most important and useful services for any gamer. You are learning to play as your chosen character under the guidance of a professional Skycoach player. You will be taught farming techniques, variations in the selection of game skills, PVP training in the game class and the principles of selecting and strengthening equipment and weapons.


Wowhead is a large database of guides and manuals for new and experienced World of Warcraft players.

Before you start playing for a new class – find a suitable guide to understand what equipment to collect, what skills to upgrade, where to farm and which combination of the two professions will be most useful.

For example, if you decide to play as a magic class, then you should know that you can choose one of three development paths for basic skills, but some skills can be borrowed from each other to strengthen the character.

In total, three options are available – fiery, ice, arcane magician.

The fire mage attacks large groups of enemies and is especially effective in AoE. Deals heavy damage and inflicts an additional burn on all targets hit, dealing damage continuously.

The Ice Mage attacks single targets, but applies additional debuffs that slow or completely stop the target. It is possible to impose effects that reduce the effectiveness of the enemy, reducing the attack speed.

Arcane mage attacks single targets and deals additional damage with explosive attacks. This happens with the help of procast. First, the first effect is applied, which deals damage and imposes a negative debuff, which opens up the ability to cast second wave magic – if the debuff has not passed, then there will be no opportunity to cast a second spell. The second attack will deal additional damage, and the combined damage will deal substantial damage to the target. The arcane magician is distinguished by auxiliary magic, which increases magic damage, the chance and power of a critical attack, and the speed of the procast.

WoW fandom

Fandom is a full-fledged information platform, similar to Wikipedia, but on the subject of MMO RPGs, including those for World of Warcraft.

Beginners will benefit from reading the information about the items in order to understand the method of mining and the potential benefits that can be obtained.

Read about the NPC from whom you are going to take the task – usually on Fandom there is a full description of the character, his benefits, tasks and rewards, and the place where he is located.

It would be nice to read about secondary tasks. All story missions are essentially mandatory, because they lead to accelerated gaining of experience, gold and useful equipment and weapons, but secondary missions are optional and completely different in terms of rewards.

So, before taking on a side quest, it’s best to read about the future reward, location, and potential time it might take. So you will learn to understand the expediency and importance of the efforts expended with the result obtained in the end.

Read item specs. So, for example, in the Dragonflight update, special tools were added to help you master professions and enhance the resulting effect.

Each of the three types of tools is crafted by an artisan in its own category, and Blizzard has taken an interesting route. Even if you are a master in your craft, you will not be able to create all the tools for yourself, but only a part, and the same is true with other representatives of the professions. Therefore, you can create items for other players and sell them, or make them through the order table.