The Best Electric Bike Models For Commuting

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Commuting to work on a 500 watt electric bike is a great way to start your day.  It gets you outside into the fresh air and gives you an opportunity to engage in some enjoyable exercise. You also play a role in cleaning the air you breathe of dirty emissions as well as helping reduce traffic on the roads. Commuting to and from work can sometimes be a tiring practice, especially after work, but with an electric bike, you can rely on the motor when you lose energy. In this way, you control the amount of exercise you get on your daily commute. Just remember to plan out a safe route every day, using bike paths and bike lanes wherever possible. For even greater safety, equip your bike with the latest mirrors, bells and lights. Baskets or panniers allow you to carry personal items in a safe and secure manner. Matching your needs and desires to a specific electric bike model is an important step.

A Solid Selection of E-Bike Models

Attractive styles exist for every budget and personality. E-bikes with 500 or 250-watt motors provide enough energy to get you through the day. Considering your body size, your favorite color and your local terrain, allows you to customize the bike so it is just what you want for your commuting area. When looking for the best electric bike for hilly commute, consider these valuable enhancements:

  • An option for how much power to use
  • An easy way to switch between power options
  • A multi-gear derailleur of at least seven speeds
  • A rear-hub driver for smaller hills
  • A mid-drive for larger hills
  • A tire that matches the surface of your ride

The best E-bikes emphasize reliability, performance and comfort. Look for a comfortable seat, upright handlebars and an ergonomic design to minimize pain in the shoulders and lower back. Battery capacity is an important consideration. If you have a short commute, you will probably be happy with a smaller battery. If you have miles to go, are of large stature or have a few hills to contend with, more battery capacity will be beneficial.

A Growing Revolution

For a multitude of good reasons, electric bikes have soared in popularity in recent years. Older adults who aren’t ready to give up on the pleasures of bike riding are discovering that e-bikes are a great way to keep riding. Younger adults find that e-bike features make commuting a realistic possibility by taking away some of the negatives of bike commuting. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, the bikes are flexible and adaptable to many styles of riding, from bike paths to urban adventures. They reach speeds of up to 30 mph and have ranges that can take you far and wide for a couple of hours or more on a single charge, depending upon wind, terrain and body size and weight. With quality components, advanced features and elegant looks, the e-bikes of today have come into their own. Now is the time to find the right electric bike for you.