The benefits of author boxes you should know about

The author bio box is a popular but frequently ignored element on many WordPress websites. The author box, which is usually located at the conclusion of a blog article, increases the likability and, as a result, the credibility of your website.

At a glance, your readers may discover more about you or your guest authors. Furthermore, by providing links to your social media profiles in the author box, you may increase your social media impact and demonstrate social proof. And these are only two examples.

In other words, much like the comment section, the author bio box is an excellent approach to engage your visitors. That is why it is unfortunate that many individuals overlook it, especially when there are several WordPress author box plugins available to make the work incredibly simple.

The benefits of author boxes

Here are just a few examples of how author boxes can benefit your website:

1. Collaboration opportunities

2. It demonstrates your self-assurance – you have more confidence than the majority of bloggers and content creators. It demonstrates that you are not scared to stand by what you write.

3. More traffic to your writing – A link to a list of all your publications can be included in your author box.

4. You need people to click through – Having a visually appealing author bio increases the likelihood that someone will go through your information and other material.

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Creating an author box

You can always code your desired author box, but that requires coding language, and we are here to help you make things simple. The best way to make your author boxes is by installing a plugin. With just a few clicks, you can customize your author box just the way you like it. In this case, we would recommend the Simple Author Box plugin.

Simple Author Box

As we previously mentioned, one of the best, if not the best, plugins on the market for author boxes is definitely Simple Author Box by WebFactory Ltd.

The author’s name, gravatar, social links, and assigned description will be displayed in the author box.

You may also change the colors, typography, background, and other elements. There is an option to display the author’s email address so that your viewers may contact you directly.

Here is a list of premium features that you can get:

– Choose where you want the author box to appear

– Connect the author’s name to their website or page

– When the author avatar is hovered over, use effects

– Make use of the “nofollow” property

– In a new tab, navigate to the author’s website link (URL)

– Pick any color palette


We introduced you to one of the greatest tools (Simple Author Box) that will allow you to create author boxes quickly and easily. Taking everything into account, we feel you are more than ready to begin recognizing yourself and your writers for your/their outstanding work.

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