The A-Z Of Automatic Dosing Mixing System

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This automatic dosing mixing system is used in manufacturing rubber products(rubber cables, tires, etc.). This system is very useful as rubber products have a great demand in online as well as offline markets.

1. Rubber Production:

Rubber products are in great demand nowadays due to which there is a great need to manufacture rubber in large quantities. Rubber is used in most of the products that we use in our daily life. Rubber bands, balls, toys, and many more things that we use in our homes and offices are made up of rubber.

There are two types of rubber products,

Some products are those that are made up of natural rubber on the other side, some are those which are made up of synthetic rubber.

(a) Natural Rubber:

Natural rubber is obtained from certain tree types that are found in tropical regions. The bark of the tree is cut and a milk-like fluid called latex flows out. Latex is collected and heated to get rubber. The process of collecting the latex from the tree is called Tapping and the persons that perform tapping are called tappers. Most of the natural rubber that is being used nowadays is obtained from a plant known as Hevea brasiliensis. This plant is also known as a rubber plant or rubber tree. This is a flowering plant.

(b) Synthetic rubber:

As the name suggests this rubber is synthesized by man. Synthetic rubber has fulfilled the great need for rubber for the manufacturing of rubber products. As the use and demand for rubber products increased scientists found ways to manufacture rubber in industries and laboratories. Synthetic rubber is more resistant to weather conditions than natural rubber. The discovery of synthetic rubber has boosted up rubber production. Now the rubber is used a lot and is being manufactured on a large scale in industries.

2. Automatic Dosing Mixing System:

The automatic dosing mixing system is a machine that has various components that are integrated and work together to carry out the task. This machinery has restructured the production of rubber and rubber products. This automatic mixing system is efficient in its job and the results are amazing. It has saved a lot of time. It is said that time is money. And If time is saved it means that money is saved. The dosing mixing system is a one-time investment. One can make a great profit by utilizing time, money, and thoughts wisely. An automatic dosing mixing system can do the job easily that was done by many persons. Therefore, this mixing system has reduced the need for laborers and it has saved the money that was paid to the laborers. So, the money can be invested in the business and profit can be generated.

The automatic dosing mixing system has different parts. Which areas following:

(a) Weighing System

(b) Kneader Mixer

(c) Bucket Elevator

(d) Rubber Open Mill

(e) Batch-off

These components are attached to form an automatic system for mixing during the manufacturing of rubber products. This whole system is automatic and decreases the requirement of manpower. Automatic dosing mixing systems are available in offline as well as online markets. The automatic dosing mixing system mixes the ingredients in an excellent manner which is not possible if the mixing is done by hands. An automatic mixing machine lessens the wastage of ingredients that are being mixed up. Automatic dosing mixing systems provide a separate storage area. The automatic dosing mixing systems are not only used for rubber production but also the production of plastic products, shoes, and chemical materials.

3. Dosing Mixing System For Rubber Production:

The manufacturing of rubber and rubber products is not a simple process, it requires hard work. An automatic dosing mixing system is used in rubber production. This automatic mixing system is of great use as it does not require manpower and the whole process is automatic and can be controlled or supervised with little effort. Rubber production requires the mixing of different products which are essential for this process. The automatic dosing mixing system makes this job easy to do, much more efficient, and fast.


Different automatic dosing mixing systems are available in offline as well as online markets. The better the mixing system the better product you get. Click Automatic Dosing Mixing System to buy the best quality automatic mixing system at a reasonable price. Chiyumixer provides superior quality automatic mixing systems for rubber production lines.

This dosing mixing system has some salient features that are mentioned below:

(a) This system fulfills the storage, conveyance, weighing, and dosing of major ingredients like carbon black, white fillers, and oils.

(b) This system is suitable for Banbury’s capacity from 55L to 160L.