The 5 Most Popular Online Games of 2020

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Nowadays nothing is as popular as a night of gaming. That it is fun to play the same or a different game with a number of friends in front of a screen, parents or friends often do not understand at all.  Have you finished your favorite game? Then in this article we share very good alternatives, which are popular in 2020. You can also find games at mega888 company


Fifa is never expected to disappear from the list of popular games. It appeals to all football fans, but also the lesser football fans. The game is understandable for everyone, including people who have never played football themselves. Maybe you can even convince your friend for a game? In Fifa you play against each other with real football teams. Fifa is renewed every year to keep the teams and players up to date. Who does not want to play at Ajax once (even if it is only digital)?

Apex Legends

During the online game Apex Legends, you are dropped in a field in a kind of battle royale style with 59 other participants in the game. The goal, how could it be otherwise, is to survive as long as possible. Unlike Fortnite, you play Apex Legends, always with a team of four players. So fighting is not only done for your own skin, but also for that of your team. It’s a shooter game, but it looks more realistic than Fortnite. After the launch of this game, the number of members increased rapidly. You can also check games at

The Sims

A classically popular game at the start of the new millennium was The Sims. Even if you have never seen or played this game yourself, then you have probably heard of it. The Simss was incredibly popular when it hit the market in 2000 and is still just as addictive. Although the game is now 20 years old, it has been constantly getting new versions and updates. The game is now up-to-date with everything that is happening in the current world and around us. It has been released by EA (Electronic Arts). The Sims is a very popular game for both adults and children.


There are many children who love this game. You have probably heard parents complain that their children play games so much. Chances are that it was about playing this game! We are talking about Minecraft here. Parents can stop complaining, however, because Minecraft is one of the games that you can let your kids play with peace of mind. After all, it is not only child-friendly, but also has the characteristics that can contribute to better school performance. With more than 100 million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling PC games in the world. The pussy888 apk is one of the most trusted and popular casino games to the people.

Hay Day

Another interesting online game that is suitable and interesting for children is Hayday. This game is suitable for children from about 10 years old. This is a colorful, happy game. The game has been delivered completely in cartoon style. The game was developed and released by Supercell. The Hayday game is all about maintaining a virtual farm as well as possible. This app was the most popular game on Google Play in over 100 countries for a long time. You can also check games by mega888 company.