The 3 Best Things That Experts Are Saying About Longines Watches

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If you have a passion for luxury watches, love to wear a flawless timepiece, or appreciate the craftsmanship and commitment of a gorgeous piece made by Swiss. Then, Longines watches are the best choice. It’s a luxury brand that has been in the watch industry for over 140 years of an extraordinary experience. 

There are cheaper watches, and there are far more expensive watches. Still, today, Longines holds a lovely place connecting affordability and quality beyond the market’s expected rate of eyes. If you need more reason to purchase a Longines watch, then here are five facts why you should do so.

How Much Are Longines Watches?

Longines Watches is a famous Swiss luxury company established in Saint-Imier in Switzerland in 1832. This Swiss luxury company produces timepieces for women and men alike. It is prominent not only for crafting perceptible arresting sports, fashion watches, and vintage clocks but also for a look with impressive manufacturing specifications. 

The majority of Longines Watches cost less than $2000, but their current price ranges between $1,300 and $6,500 MSRP. For this specific ground, together with their meticulous works to be marketed as “elegant,” most people would still consider them as “accessible luxury.” Although going back to their timely in-house chronographs, the prices range above $7k. 

Moreover, this luxury brand’s price range depends on the kind of collection, movement, and quantity of other remarkable features connected with it. Besides, people have their tolerance when it comes to purchasing luxury brands. Willing buyers will get their hands on Longines elegant timepieces.

  • Longines Watches Symbolizes Success

People who love a luxury watch from Longines emit the description of style, professionalism, and artistry. In reality, there are many kinds of Sports timepieces from mens Longines watches like the Hydro Conquest, which experts consider a status sign and are specifically prevalent in the business society.

Timepieces such as the Hydro Conquest from Longines reflect the hard work you’ve planted in and the struggles you have overcome to get to the position you currently have and exhibiting the success you have made over the years and imparted you with improving your confidence. 

Most people reward themselves with things they deserve, especially when achieving more significant milestones, and experts say that the Longines brand is on one of their top lists. It’s not just any other ordinary timepiece; it offers incredible features, high-quality materials and is built to last. 

  • Longines Watches Is A Great Investment

Experts say Longines Watches is always a good investment. Investing means buying securities, a stock, an asset, and making money beyond the regular. Whenever you want to sell a timeless piece or a womens Longines watch, for instance, you would always get the money for value. 

Gold and diamond are valuable stones and metals of their class and are always appreciated over time. It is guaranteed you’ll get the accurate value of investing in Longines watches. But if you do;t have a look that doesn’t have diamond or gold embedded on it, you can still make a great resale value.

Most significantly, if the potential buyer you got has adequate knowledge about Longines quality and luxury watches. On the other hand, Omega and Rolex brands have higher resale value and are more likely ranked on the link of top Swiss watchmakers in Switzerland. But Longines has a dominant and notable point that gives ample liquidity for reselling.

  • Longines Watches Have Good Quality

Aside from noble functions, appearance is the first appearance to identify when it comes to sound quality watches. But Longines is a luxury watch that not only offers significant functions and features but is exquisite and looks aesthetically pleasing too, which everyone loved.

From Longines’ highest quality of details make-up to its long-lasting batteries, its excellent movements, waterproof ability, and all other qualities of Longines watch that will surely take you to an entirely new standard of satisfaction. According to experts, there are several grounds as to why Longines watches are terrific quality watches, and here are a few of them.

It Is COSC Certified

Longines is COSC certified. COSC stands for Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, which means an independent and neutral organization that examines the precision and imprints their numbers with the label, “Chronometer.” Longines has introduced the company with two automatic movements. 

The watches are furnished with specific mechanical movements built of monocrystalline silicon balance-spring, which is a great feature that helps the timepiece stay precise whenever there’s disruption from gravity, a magnetic force, variation in atmospheric temperature pressure. 

Water And Dust Resistant 

Most Longines watches are water and dust-resistant. When it has a 3 or 5 bar mark, it’s water-resistant at an extremity of 30m and 50m depth and under any rainfall situations or hand-washing. When there’s no mark, then it’s not water-proof under any concerns. This still depends on the type of Longine watch and what it is designed to. 


These are just 3 of the best things that some experts say about Longines Watches and if you’re looking for more reason to buy their timeless pieces, consider this article. Longines is known because of its high-quality features, rich history, and craftsmanship. They are the best choice when planning to invest in a luxury timepiece.