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If you think you have termites in your house it needs to be looked at as a serious matter to resolve. Because termites seem to be smaller creatures, when they spread, they won’t stop.

If you are looking for termite control in Delhi at your home or office, you should look for a good pest control specialist near your location. And VMSWALE is one of the termite pest control that will help you at its best.  If you plan to move to a new location or want to renovate, book a professional fumigation service before moving to ensure that your new space is completely free of termites and other pests.


Termites are the largest pests that cause significant structural damage to residential and commercial buildings. Most of this damage is caused by termites nesting underground or in the ground in search of cellulosic foods such as wood, paper, and clothing. They make paths and mud pipes from nests to food sources. If you look at the mud tube, it’s a sure sign of a termite epidemic. The absence of these termite signs does not mean that there are no termites, and no damage is detected until it is too late. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to termites. So make sure the termite treatment is taken up at right time to avoid any further damage to anyone.

Treating termites is as vital as searching for the best service provider for termite treatment. But before selecting any treatment for termites, knowing the type of termite is required. So let’s look at the types of termites.


It is important to be aware of the type of termites you are dealing with, as they may require different treatments. Although toxic barriers can be built against underground termites, dry termites require spot treatment or fumigation services.

Subterranean termites: 

They live in piles of compost around logs, soil, and your home. They may travel to your mud pipes or highways out of wood and soil. This termite seed generally does more damage than dry wood termites due to its serrated jaws. Over time, these termites can completely collapse a building. There are two types and colors of reproductive termites. The primary reproductive organs are black or brown and the auxiliary reproductive organs are creamy white. Underground termite colonies can grow large and contain between 100,000 and 1 million termites.

Drywood termites:

While subterranean termites require touch with soil with a view to stay, drywood termites can stay completely in wooden. They do now no longer create dust tubes to travel, and they’re commonly simplest observed alongside the nice and cozy coastal regions. The termites that without delay harm the woods are white, like subterranean termites. The winged dry wooden termites span the color spectrum from yellow-tan to mild brown. Drywood termite colonies can preserve as many as 2,500 members.

After knowing the type of termite residing on your premises, now it’s time to get the right treatment for termites. And it is important to get the termite pest control so that with time they are controlled and do not increase in numbers. There are some natural ways and some chemical ways for termite treatment. If the termites are very few then natural or home remedies may work out to an extent but if the termites are spreading quickly then it is necessary to take professional termite pest control service.


Post-construction anti-termite treatment 

Protecting a home for the rest of your life is an issue that needs to be carefully considered before building or remodeling. When it comes to protecting homes from termites, properly installed chemical barriers are effective in preventing termites and controlling active invasion. Chemical treatments applied to soil today provide protection against termites for up to  15 years. A chemical barrier is created between the termites on the ground and the building being protected, creating a straight hole about 15 inches away, as close as possible to the area where termites stay. The pesticide is then poured to reach the ground, eliminating termites present there and creating a chemical barrier to prevent them from parasitizing.

Pre-Constructions Anti-Termite Treatment

This involves treating the soil around the foundation and under the slab with termite-preventing chemicals to prevent termites from climbing the walls of the premises.


Termiticide barrier: Termites cannot come across the termiticide, so keep in mind its usage of it. Termites will die once they eat any substances handled with termiticide. Termiticide additionally works by spreading like an epidemic which ultimately will kill the termites. It is sort of a chain, one termite comes into touch with the termiticide, and while it includes it with no knowledge, has a tendency to contaminate different termites additionally. This chain in the end kills the termite’s entire gang.

Termite Baits: Termite baits are a verified method. These baits, located across the base of your house, appeal to termites searching for the poison contained in them. Slow-performing pollution intervenes with the natural increase of termites and kills them while they are trying to molt. 

Direct Chemicals: Unlike termite killers, direct chemical substances can simply be utilized in your house itself. If you discover termites and need to do away with them proper away, that is the approach for you.


Spot Treatment: If you`re handling painted or completed timber, you may drill and fill holes to fight drywood termites. First, you want to drill holes approximately 10 inches into the termite-infested timber. You will sense resistance after you hit the nest. Then, fill the holes with termiticide. To end up, use a putty or timber patch to shut up the holes.

Essential Oils: Orange oil and neem oil can kill termites slowly through the years via way of means inhibiting their potential to shed their pores and skin or lay eggs. Just blend cups of water with a pair of drops of dish cleaning soap and approximately 10 drops of your preferred oil.

VMSWALE-  A service provider of termite control in Delhi

With an experienced and professional staff, VMSWALE is pest control in Delhi that gives the services in various types of pest control. So, when you are looking for the best, choose us to give our services.


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