Tech Problems 101: Top 5 Signs that Your Printer Needs to be Repaired

In a day, the average office worker uses the printer and prints around 10,000 pages per year. In numerous Australian businesses, schools, and home establishments, the ability to print necessary documents can be crucial. However, this doesn’t mean that encounters with a faulty printer aren’t possible even if prints go smoothly.

Like any other gadget, printers also require proper maintenance and should never be left unattended. A broken printer could lead to a major inconvenience in one’s business or office, especially on a busy workday.

Not sure whether your printer is acting jammed or just needs a checkup? Here are some top five signs that your printer needs to be repaired immediately.

Print Shows Blurry Lines and Blots

One of the most common indications that your printer requires serious repair is when the printed document it produces has blurry lines and blots. These blurry lines are common sightings. Sometimes one may think that your printer naturally prints that way, but it might have to deal with the ink in the long run.

Leaving your printed documents to suffer from blurry lines may destroy future printed copies to have clear production. Moreover, another issue is that you should look out for blots, which are only noticeable after a quick read through the printed copies.

Blotted lines are identifiable when you notice missing words in your copy’s sentences, and it would look like a mysterious eraser has cleared the terms out. This could mean that your printer’s ink or the printer itself is going through a problem; learn more at Australian Printer Services site here to get your printer machine repaired immediately.

Weird Sounds while Printing

Is the printer suddenly making weird or unusual noises while printing your copies? And you may think it’s just the regular noise that the printer produces, but if it’s more of a loud, clanking and grinding—well, that’s a problem.

Innovation nowadays has created printers built with light and advanced materials; printing with the latest models should be as smooth and quiet as possible. However, if the printer starts producing a weird noise, it’s time to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Before sending it into the repair shop, you can try resolving the issue by removing the paper that’s currently being printed. Moreover, you can also open your printer and see if its armor ribbons produce the clanking sound when operating. If it does, then your printer is experiencing a mechanical issue that should be fixed by a professional right away.

Printing Always Experience Paper Jamming

Another common issue experienced by printers is the frequent paper jam when a piece of paper or a whole paper becomes stuck inside your printer. Paper jams are most likely to occur from time to time, so it’s always important to inspect your printer whether there’s paper stuck inside.

You can avoid paper jams by securing the proper arrangement of your papers before starting the print. Uneven distribution of papers inside the printer’s roller could cause the blockage. Moreover, it can also be solved by opening the machine’s roller and removing the piece of paper that got stuck inside the paper tray.

If the paper jam tends to happen now and then, it’s best to have a professional get your printer checked. The paper jam issue could be caused by a malfunction of your printer’s system.

Error Codes Popping Up Consistently

Are there times when error codes would often pop up on your computer screen? Error codes can cause the printing process to delay or not finish its task at all. An error code issue is linked by a fused unit flaw in the printer’s system; they become hot and prevent the paper from getting inked.

Moreover, if you notice that the fused unit is overheating, it’s best to put the printer to rest for a short while and turn it back on again. Give your printer a five to ten-minute break to allow the fused unit to cool down and get back to printing.

When the printer continues to overheat and error codes pop up, it’s always better to call the professional repairman and schedule a maintenance repair. There’s sure to have some local repairmen all across Australia that can guarantee your printer a good and quick fix.

Your Printer has Met the End of its Lifespan

One of the common reasons why your printer is crashing down is because of old age. The average lifespan of a regular printer lasts for up to three to five years. When left unattended and not given proper maintenance, it’s sure that its lifespan easily decreases throughout its usage.

Finding the equipment for an old printer model can be a struggle, as it’s always recommended to upgrade your printer or other office technologies every five years. If a good repair can’t save the printer, then it’s time to buy a new printer.


Printers are an essential office tool for every establishment that needs printing. It’s always important to keep in check the status of your current printer to avoid encountering problems on busy days in the office. However, issues such as paper jams, error codes and clanking noises are always a possibility. Have your printer checked today and keep it on regular maintenance for longevity.

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