Taking Up Running When You’re Older

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You’re hitting your mid-40s, possibly gaining a little weight and want to take up a good aerobic exercise like running. Where so you start and what is the best way to approach starting to run.

Here are some top tips that will get you on the road and keep you there.

Before You Spend Money

Don’t even think about buying an expensive pair of running shoes. If you’re in your 40s and never run before, the key consideration is to take it slow and gentle. And you don’t need those expensive shoes yet!

Don’t enter a race, rather run around the block slowly and listen and observe your body closely. Run in a pair of trainers that are comfortable, even if they are old. The last thing you want is to cause an injury, which will set you back and impact negatively on your running journey.

Do this a few times and take note of what your body is telling you. Don’t overdo it.

Talk to other runners

It is very useful to talk to other runners, be they old hands or newbies starting out like you. They will be able to tell you about what problems you might encounter in the beginning.

If you are serious about developing a running habit, then you need to look at investing in a decent pair of shoes. Again, talking to other runners and the assistants in the spots shop may be very helpful.

Running shoes are important as the biomechanics of running differs in different people. Without the right shoe, you might find running unbearable.

Shoes are your most important investment.

Don’t Be One-Dimensional

Vary your exercise types. This is important as you get older. Work on your core, do your warm-ups and stretching is vitally important. Muscles and tendons shrink and harden as we age. Be kind to them and treat them with respect.

Start slowly and build up.

Keep The Kit Simple

You don’t need to splash out and use the money you win from Lucky Creek bonus codes to buy expensive running kit, you just need a T-shirt or vest and comfortable shorts. Run in what is comfortable, if that means tights, then run in tights. It’s all about comfort.

Staying At It

How often do people start running then give up after 3 weeks? How do you keep your resolve? Say you are finding the running difficult and hard going.

Then join a running club or find a running buddy. Running clubs have all shapes and sizes, all at various stages of their running journeys and levels of fitness.

Running gets easier all the time and you should notice an upswing in your health and fitness within 3 weeks.

Running is a brilliant cardio-vascular workout and will help in lowering blood pressure, dealing with stress, lowering your pulse rare and managing weight if you have weight issues.

Remember it’s all about doing what works for you, not about becoming an Olympic athlete. Leave that to the kids.