Study in Australia: Requirements and Scholarships

Studying in Australia is very attractive to many students. It is a country surrounded by the sea, so it has large stretches of beaches and also natural parks. To the south there are also ideal ski centers for lovers of snow sports. This country summons foreigners from all over the world who constantly come to make their living.

Choosing Australia to study is a great decision, since in this country you will meet people from multiple countries, and you will also be able to combine travel with studies. In addition, English is the official language and you can practice it both inside and outside the classroom.

What requirements do you need to study in Australia?

1.Obtain the student visa

The student visa (subclass 500) is a document with which you can combine your studies in Australia with a part-time job. This is arguably the most important requirement to be able to study for more than three months in Australia.

What will you need to obtain the student visa? In turn, to obtain the student visa you also need to meet some minimum requirements:

  • Have a Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months;
  • Be enrolled in a course approved by the Australian Government and present the COE code (Confirmation Of Enrollment);
  • Pay the student visa fees;
  • Take out the mandatory OSHC health insurance;
  • Write a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) essay, where you must argue why you want to study in Australia;
  • Depending on the nationality with which you apply for the student visa, the Australian Government Immigration Department may ask you for certain additional requirements, for example: showing that you are in top health by taking a medical exam, a police record certificate, proving that you have sufficient financial funds and solvency to finance your stay in Australia;
  • Get health insurance in Australia

If you think it is too difficult to apply for an Australian student visa, you can ask a professional visa application agent or visa application platforms like Visa Application for help.

2.English language requirements

The courses in Australia are all taught in English, so the educational institutions require proof of international students’ English language capabilities to ensure they can understand the course content. That is to say, you need to participate in one or more accredited English language tests and receive the required scores.

3.Academic requirements

According to the course level, different institutions have different academic requirements for different courses, and applicants must meet the requirements of the institution before applying. For specific application requirements, please read the detailed information of the selected course carefully and provide application documents as required.

4.Overseas Student Health Cover

Australia has developed a special medical insurance system for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It will help you pay for any medical or hospital care you may need while studying here. It also helps pay for most prescription drugs and provides you with ambulance insurance in an emergency.

Before arriving in Australia, you need to purchase OSHC for yourself and any family members travelling with you. During your student visa, you must have OSHC.

Scholarships in Australia

Many Australian universities have established multiple scholarship programs to attract young international talent and thereby establish Australia as a global center of excellence in research and higher education. In addition, Australian government has provided different scholarships for domestic and international students as well, such as Australia Awards, Destination Australia, etc.

Keep in mind that to apply to these scholarship programs, you will have to meet certain requirements, but that depends on the type of program.


Obviously, it is not easy to study in Australia – it not only has restrict admission requirements, but also requires high tuition fees. But luckily, there are scholarships in Australia that can reduce students’ financial burden. Make preparations for your admission to an Australian university as soon as possible, and make sure to look into Sydney apartments to choose one that is more affordable for you as a student. As for the admission requirements, I think this is a very easy problem to solve, as long as you are willing to work hard.

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