Stone veneer cladding – where can you install it?

Are you in the middle of a renovation? Or maybe you’re designing your home from the very beginning? It doesn’t matter where you happen to be on your journey – there’s always a good time to think about a lavish natural stone veneer cladding that will give a trendy twist to your ideas. Where can you use this material, and why is it worth it?

Ins and outs of stone veneer UK

Stone veneer is formed out of natural slate. The thickness of the individual sheets starts at 0.5 mm and goes up to 4 mm, making this material not only extremely light but flexible too. Veneer sheets are much thinner than traditional stone, which makes them a much more universal choice and means they will work perfectly in places where the use of classic stone wouldn’t be achievable or profitable. That includes areas like partition walls, curved walls, columns, and ceilings. Stone veneer cladding can be installed on doors, fireplaces and other pieces of furniture as well. If it fits your project, it can be done!

The main advantages of stone veneer installation

Slate, which is the source of the veneer sheets, has an irregular surface, and that results in all the pieces being completely unique. Another good news is the fact that stone veneer cladding comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. The impressive collection of various shades means you will be able to easily find a product suited to your interiors or exteriors. On top of that, you can reach for translucent panels, which can have a light placed behind them and create a stunning look. The beauty and elegance of the stone veneer match that of its classic counterpart.

Installation of natural stone veneer

But what about the installation process? How does it look when veneer sheets are involved? Well, it’s much quicker and easier than you can think. You can put on the veneer all by yourself, without the help of professionals. All you need to have for this task is some adhesive, tin snips or an angle grinder to cut the fitting sizes of the panels.

Outside or inside?

As we mentioned, a natural stone veneer will work great indoors where its size and flexibility can shine through in all the places classic stone is not able to. But it’s worth remembering that this product can be used outdoors too! Because stone veneer is created out of natural slate, it possesses all the main qualities of natural stone. It’s resistant to a wide range of external factors, such as rain, snow, wind, hail, UV rays, and both cold and hot weather. It won’t be easily affected by moisture or fire either. As a result, it can be successfully utilised outdoors, i.e. as a cladding of the house and garage or around a grill. And where do you plan to use the natural stone veneer?

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