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If you are relocating to another place, then finding out the best moving services in Singapore is something you should consider. Without help, it will be difficult for anyone especially if they have never done this before. It can also be very frustrating and take up much of your time to decide on the company that would suit your needs. Here are some helpful tips to follow when hiring a moving services Singapore

Size of your items

The first thing that you need to know is how many items do you own? The size of what’s inside your house will determine how many people needed for the move and their truck space configuration. When it comes to big stuff like furniture, appliances or hvac systems might not fit into small trucks but they can be disassembled.

They will charge a little but much cheaper than those who offers full service. Compare those quotes from different companies and see which one fits your budget the most.


Another thing that you should do is to take pictures of your belongings before they arrive to their new destination as proof of what you’ve sent in case something goes missing or damaged during the move.

Some moving services Singapore requires an inventory list for them to know how many items they are supposed to take and also don’t let them touch anything without getting the consent from you first. If not, they will just start packing and arranging everything and by doing so there’s a high chance that it would get lost broken if not handled carefully.


Moving can cost a lot, so you need to save up for the company’s quote even if it means sacrificing or postponing some of your plans. After making sure that they are reputable and not rip-offs then you can negotiate on the price. There are some companies who offers discounts aside from their regular promotional price especially when they have a smaller number of customers during summer time.

Offering one is also an option but make sure that you don’t do it unless necessary because this might just annoy them instead of getting any discount. It pays to shop around for quotes multiple times than just picking the first offer that comes along just because you’re in hurry or maybe desperate.

Moving services in Singapore

The era where people used to relocate themselves is over. Nowadays, people prefer to hire a moving company to move their things for them which saves a lot of time and stress. These companies have staffs who are well trained and reliable so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong as long as you hire the right one.

But one should not forget that there are some companies out there that will take advantage of those consumers who do not know any better or just lack proper knowledge on how these moving services Singapore works.

Hiring from referrals

If you have friends or family members living near your destination then it would be ideal if they can refer a trusted mover for you. It is always best to ask around first hiring someone because this will make everything easier for you.