Sports capitals of India

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India is one of the largest countries in the world. The country is homeland to a huge number of people of various strata with an indescribably large number of hobbies. But some things are common for most, which are shared by all age categories – from young to oldest. And this is not only the religious and patriotic attitude towards the beloved country but also sport, which has long since passed into the category of national treasures.

The country’s sports culture is developing at an incredible pace and already has become one of the most developed in the world. Children in schools are getting into different kinds of sports, thanks to which, for some, sport becomes an occupation for life. Also, sports are an active topic of discussion and betting. Thus, the Parimatch company has become one of the most popular bookmakers in India, which clearly demonstrates how strongly the residents are committed to different sports.

Especially popular directions in India are cricket, football, and field hockey. Taking into account cricket, then this sport can be considered the most popular in the country. The main proof of this is the Indian Premier League – a large-scale cricket championship, which is actively followed not only within India but also around the world. Teams from various cities throughout India are fighting for the championship, with the strongest players from the cricket capitals of India. But not only cricket is a famous sport in India, but also other kinds. This proofs that some Indian cities for true can be called the capitals of sports.

Kolkata – the city of football

Despite the general commitment to cricket, Kolkata stands out for its special relationship with football. The city is home to most of India’s top football clubs and the Kolkata Football League is the oldest in Asia. The popularity of cricket persists in the city and people can be seen playing the game all over the streets.

The city has two iconic stadiums – Eden Gardens and Salt Lake. The first is the largest in India and historical events of cricket were held on the grounds of this stadium.  Salt Lake Stadium has hosted many different events, including the Asian Games and other world tournaments.

The homeland of «daredevils»

The popularity of cricket throughout India cannot be compared to how much it has penetrated every home in Delhi. This city is one of the hearts of cricket, as Delhi has the largest number of fans, and for Delhi Capitals, one of the strongest cricket teams, this city is the main training base.

In addition to cricket, the city is also fond of football, golf, and racing sports. So, in the 2010s, Formula1 races were held at the Buddh International Circuit, in which the famous racer Sebastian Vettel won three times. Another advantage of Delhi is a huge golf club with exciting courses and picturesque recreation areas.

The place where the strongest came from

Like Delhi, Mumbai is one of the centers of cricket in India. Almost everywhere it’s possible to meet people who, at least, discuss cricket, if not play it. Mumbai is home to three-time Indian Premier League winners, the Mumbai Indians, who train hard in the hometown to win the Indian Premier League 2021.

It is only natural that Mumbai is home to the iconic Wankhede stadium in the history of cricket, which has witnessed many legendary events and which hosts many matches to this day. Also, Mumbai is famous for its Mahalaxmi racetrack – a grandiose structure, with a length of more than 225 acres.