Some tips to keep in mind on Aconcagua

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Everything has been carefully planned for climbing Aconcagua without problems; there were no inconveniences throughout the trip, as one comment says. Both the passengers and the guides know what they are doing. During the Aconcagua Hike, The landscapes are gorgeous, and the agency team does everything in their power so that you only have to worry about having fun. I had problems with some of my equipment (my double boots opened, I should have been wearing boots for an expedition and not for Aconcagua treks), and yet the guide could get me a spare pair for base camp. A true luxury. I hope to do mountain trekking on Aconcagua again, and I will contact you also. A big greeting to the whole team. It was a perfect expedition with our mountain guide. He had little time in Mendoza, and he was alone, but everything could be organized perfectly, and another mountaineer from Canada joined. It was a good fit, and everything was organized perfectly, and we got along very well with the mountain “boys”: big tents, food, good atmosphere, and excellent mountain guides. If you are in shape, you can speed up! This summer I returned to Aconcagua, with my friends and my family !! This year I climbed two beautiful mountains on different routes than usual. Two beautiful routes, in which I enjoyed the high mountains, the snow and the majesty of Colossus of America. Excellent guides; very professional and the rest of the team, as always, perfect !! Thank you for those 15 days full of enthusiasm, adventure and outstanding company. See you soon to climb again with you. I had an excellent professional team, from the chef Juan and José, who have helped us at all times, making the walk more bearable and enduring inclement weather. We know how difficult it is to work in high mountain conditions, especially in the rain, which is why we value your work much more. I convey your appreciation to the entire group. In January 2017, after my acclimatization, I took a mountain bike trip in the Cordillera in Penitentes for seven days. This journey was so difficult, and I can tell you now, the biggest challenge of my life, I surpassed my limit so far. This route is not for beginners. Take your time to spend some good moments in this beautiful landscape and relax. Later, it was my mountaineering expedition (summits of Aconcagua and Bonete included). I was supposed to do more mountains, but I catch a virus, and my body doesn’t want to continue. It was my second time with this group (2013), and it is always a pleasure to do my expeditions with them. All the staff are incredible, the guide, the cooks, the porters who were with me all this trip: Thank you all for your organization; it was great and flexible. You are in tune with our needs and adjust the program. That is why I recommend this organization if you want to take a trip. You will not regret it.

Thanks for everything.