Some of the Best Samsung Washing Machines to Buy in India this Year

The task of washing machine purchase in India is far from easy for some people. If you are going to buy a washing machine then you must know the priority of using the washing machine. With various types of machines and different features on offer, combined with the sheer number of brands offering models, the Indian consumer is spoiled for choice and is often confused. Added to this, the choice is related to the budget. There are many things to consider, and a good idea is to start with your budget, if you are working with a limited amount. If you don’t have any budget constraints, you may consider wash loads related to washing machine capacities. The types you get may also cross your mind — front loading washing machines or top loading types. Moreover, you may think of fully automatic or semi-automatic top-loading machines. If price is a constraint, you can opt for a good semi-automatic Samsung washing machine. Price of this will be commensurate with your budget as a semi-automatic machine is more affordable than top or front loading fully automatic washing machines. If you have free rein to buy any Samsung washing machine you prefer, you can look at various Samsung models with advanced features. Mentioned below are some of the best Samsung washing machines on the block in 2021.

Samsung 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WT85M4200HL/TL)

This semi-automatic top-loading machine comes with a spin speed of 740 RPM and a capacity of 8.5 Kg. Perfect for an average-sized to a large family, this semi-automatic machine is cost-effective, as it is energy and water-efficient. In the affordable segment of Samsung washing machines, this is one of the bestsellers. With a Double Storm Pulsator, you can opt for a gentle wash or a strong one to remove stubborn stains. Either way, your clothes come out clean without allergens.

Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA65A4002VS/TL)

In Imperial Silver finish, this model is ideal if you want a front loading Samsung fully automatic washing machine on a tight budget. Among Samsung fully automatic washing machines, this machine is a hot seller and is ideal for couples and small families. With six wash programs and Centre Jet technology, this machine gives your clothes a vigorous wash, removing stubborn stains without damage to even delicate fabric. The diamond drum is gentle, yet robust, giving you the best washing experience in this price category.

Samsung 7 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA70T4560VS/TL)

This top load model from Samsung is great for a 3-4 member household. Featuring digital inverter technology that delivers energy-efficient operation, this machine assures you of lastability in its performance. Additionally, the Wobble technology washes clothes smoothly and gently, and the diamond drum prevents damage and tangles. The filter is a standout feature in this washer, as it cleverly picks up debris to keep clothes squeaky clean. With five convenient wash modes, along with features such as eco tub cleaning, smart check options and a child lock, this is a machine that gives you a fantastic laundry experience.

Samsung 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WW61R20EKMW/TL)

A pocket-friendly Samsung washing machine, price meets performance in perfect balance with this model. This inverter 5-star machine comes with a powerful Hygiene Steam feature, enhancing your overall cleaning. Furthermore, this model comes with an in-built ceramic heater, and ensures protection from water scale build-up. Operating on digital inverter technology, you get savings on your power bills as well. Additionally, you get practically noiseless and vibration-free operation with this washer. The control console is fully automatic and convenient to use, making this a user-friendly appliance. The four main wash modes see that your clothes get a gentle, yet rigorous cleaning. You also get Delay End and Child Lock features with this model.

Samsung 7 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washer/Dryer (WD70M443JS/TL)

This machine features the 4 Digital Inverter System for overall quiet yet power-packed performance. A classic washing machine that looks as good as it runs, this has 12 wash programs, washing your clothes without an iota of damage. Tangling of clothes is prevented as well in this washer. An additional feature is the lint elimination operation that prevents any blockage in your pipes and drainage system over time. This washing machine cleans itself with Eco Drum Cleaning technology, avoiding harsh chemicals for cleaning. The ceramic heater curbs the build-up of the water scale, making hygiene a priority for your clothes. Additionally, the diamond drum has a unique “soft curl” design that gives your clothes a gentle, yet thorough wash. The machine is up-to-date with its savvy LED panel, child lock mechanism and smart check trouble diagnosis system. Furthermore, your clothes are dried to a crisp after the wash cycle, all ready to be ironed.

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