Software Development As a Product and Service In The 21st Century: How?

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The software development industry has evolved by leaps and bounds, creating ever more complex and changing problems that we could not even dream of – that we did not plan to defend against. When you look back it is really hard to imagine some industries or specializations without Soft techs.

Software: general concepts

Software within the general sense is a set of commands, directives for their execution supported on an artificial language, a group of programs, or a program that are accountable not only for the interaction between the computer system and the user, but also between the hardware components of the PC or other applications created for certain goals. Depending on the functions assigned to the software, all software can be conditionally divided into several classes. 

Since Software is a software part of any computer system, based on the tasks assigned to it, can be divided into several large categories. If we consider software from the point of view of portability, then programs can be cross-platform, adapted to various operating systems, and platform-dependent, that is, they work in only one environment and with one type of hardware component. Software by type of distribution can be divided into closed programs, open source and free. It also often includes freeware, paid and shareware software. Shareware has limited functionality or limited functionality for a specified period of time. After this time, the user will have to buy the program, otherwise it will simply stop working. The classification of software by purpose implies the presence of three broad categories: system, application, and instrumental.

Many users often have another question related to the term Software: what kind of program? Such a statement of the question is not entirely correct, since it may not be a single application, but a whole set of programs, a set of directives, language commands and programming language rules for controlling other components of the system or transferring them to the central processor for execution in the form of binary code.

Let’s talk with examples and look at some Software products and services. 

SAAS-as a service

SaaS – is a model of software licenses on a subscription. SaaS stands for software as a service – there is also a translation of “information as a service”. SaaS is most often a cloud solution, that is, located on servers on the Internet.

A simple example of SaaS is Google Docs, a free document service. No media, drivers, or installations.

In fact, a SaaS service may be a single software system core that’s provided to be used by customers. They gain access to the system through the network and may modify the settings at their discretion. The service provider is totally engaged in union with the service, and the user solely works in it.

The popularity of this model is growing every year. SaaS services are used for accounting, customer communication, image editing, CRM, analytics, ERP. Some industries are ahead of the game when it comes to SaaS, for example property management has benefited from lease management software for a while now, but SaaS can be used for almost any industry.

Shortly, it is a model where you pay for a service as a temporary service. For example, you buy an email newsletter service for a month. With the SaaS model, the user pays for the subscription and cannot download the entire service.

Now let’s talk about another service which is-BAAS

What is BAAS?

BAAS-blockchain as a service. Modernist software for the 21st century!

BaaS is based on the software as a service model and works in a similar logic..It permits customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to create, host, and operate their own blockchain apps and connected functions on the blockchain. Among the “products” that you can buy there are Ethereum and Litecoin, which are also software projects by themselves.

Software as a Future

SAAS and other software development programs are getting more used by the time, and generally SAAS businesses start their business by using other software programs. For example helps to generate code-free web pages and launch a digital business. It is also a great tool for designers, because with a random shape generator they can create any organic-looking designs.

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Software service and programs are not just about new techniques . The hardest part in the early stages of a software company’s development is to quantify the product’s relevance to the market (this term was coined by Marc Andreessen, and informally it can be defined as an answer to the following question: “Is there a group of people who really like what you have developed for them?”

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