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Many people would like to watch free movies on as it has a fairly big movie database with many categories and new films are added daily. However, there are two ways in which you can watch soap2dayhd legally without any malware threats or viruses attached to the website. The first method is entirely legitimate, but not recommended if anonymity is your priority, whereas the second method is faster but requires some expertise.

First Method – Legal & Recommended

This method allows you to watch soap2dayhd without risking any malware threats or viruses attached to the website. To do this, simply go to and download the Tor browser (it’s free). Once you have installed it, open it and search for “”, then press enter. Instead of going to directly, your IP address will be changed and routed through the Tor network to assure that no one can track what sites you’re viewing or where you’re browsing from.

Please note that this method is legal, but not anonymous. Your Internet provider can still see that you’re using the Tor network and will know what sites you’re viewing as well. However, it’s still a much better alternative than watching soap2dayhd by directly going to the site without any VPN or proxy service.

To skip the above steps, simply click HERE to go directly to soap2dayhd through Tor browser.