Slip & fall accident in Atlanta: Consult an attorney sooner

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An unfortunate slip and fall accident in Atlanta can leave you in a state of despair and financial distress. These accidents are more common than people think and can cause serious injuries, including fractures, head injuries, and spinal injuries. Georgia is a fault state, which means if the property owner or management didn’t do enough to prevent such accidents, they could be liable for the injuries and losses suffered by the victim. These are also known as premises liability cases, and seeking legal representation for such lawsuits is highly advisable. Here’s more on the causes of such accidents and why you need a slip and fall attorney Atlanta

Common causes of slip & fall accidents

Premise owners or the management is liable to keep the premises safe for visitors. Unfortunately, accidents often happen and are a result of sheer negligence. People often suffer injuries in slip & fall accidents because of uncleared debris, slippery floor, broken equipment, and uneven surfaces. Each accident is unique in many ways. For instance, if you were buying things in a retail store and suffered a slip & fall accident because of poor lighting, you could have a valid lawsuit against the management or property owner.

Understanding fault and liability

In Georgia, premise owners or occupiers are expected to keep the premises reasonably safe. They should take all basic measures to prevent foreseeable accidents on the premises. To win a slip & fall lawsuit, it is also important to prove that the claimant was not aware of the hazards on the premises. For instance, if you saw a “wet floor” sign and still decided to walk on the surface, you may not recover anything despite enduring a slip & fall accident. 

Get an attorney

As you may have guessed, slip & fall accidents are often complicated and hard to prove. When you hire an attorney, they can offer a clear review of your case for free and take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit. A considerable number of such cases are settled through out-of-court settlements, but a lot depends on how the matter is pursued. When you hire an attorney in Atlanta, they will take care of the basic aspects as you recover from your injuries. 

Ideally, it would be best to hire a lawyer soon after the slip & fall accident. You have a limited time of two years to file a lawsuit against the premise owner.