Singing Success vs. Singorama 2.0 – Which is Best for You?

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Because of the various advantages they offer, online singing lessons are gaining a lot of popularity among people looking for a comprehensive vocal training program. Not only do these programs allow singing enthusiasts to learn at the convenience of their homes but at their own pace as well. Two very popular choices are Singing Success and Singorama 2.0! Though both the programs are a good option when it comes to learning singing, one does have certain advantages over the other. In this article, we will review Singorama 2.0 and Singing Success on different aspects-

  1. Affordability – Affordability is an important factor to consider, especially if you don’t want an expensive course. In this area, Singorama certainly has an edge over its counterpart. It costs only $67 for the full course (downloadable) and offers great value for your dollars. Singing Success, on the other hand, offers you more range in options but it’s also more expensive costing $97 a month for the gold membership.

Singorama also allows you to get a full refund within 60 days of your purchase in case you did not like it.

  1. Feedback – Be it singing or any other art form, feedback plays a key role in the learning process. Though Singorama has created a recording studio that students can use to track their progress, unfortunately, it’s more of an audio-based program. Singorama doesn’t offer you feedback from the experts. Singing Success offers you 30+ video and audio lessons, and you do get to hear from the instructors over video calls—allowing for a more interactive learning experience.
  2. Complexity – Singorama, with its 28 training modules (though it can be a good thing for some) can be just too much for some people. You might not be ready to go through such an all-inclusive course that will require you to complete a hell lot of lessons. In fact, chances are that you will never finish the whole program. Singing Success 360 (included in the VIP subscriptions) offers 30 hours of step-by-step lessons that help you groom yourself and become a better musician over the period.
  3. Advanced Lessons – Singorama is more beneficial for beginners and intermediate level singers looking to develop their basic skills. Singing Success, in addition to beginners, also caters to audiences looking for advanced level vocal training. If you are planning to become a live performer in the future and want to know the nitty-gritty of singing, Singing Success is a more suitable option.
  4. Bonus Material– Singorama also has a mini recording software in its bonus package that you can use to record, listen, evaluate and track your progress. Perfect Your Pitch Pro is another software, a musical game that helps you develop a musical ear. Singing Success’ VIP membership, on the other hand, gives you access to SS360, Mastering Mix, Mastering Harmony, and SSTV.

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