Signs that your business needs SEO services

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Times have changed and businesses no longer operate the way they did twenty or even ten years ago. Everywhere companies are shifting their focus from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing practices. There is no downside to SEO because when you craft SEO-related strategies it makes it easier for your customers to find your business online and also find products and services that you offer. How do you figure out that your company can benefit from SEO services? Well, some tell-tale signs indicate that affordable SEO services may be the answer to all your business problems.

SEO has not been a priority

When explained in simple terms SEO is simply making your company’s online presence better and reaching the first page of Google’s search results. Getting on page 1 is so important because most around 75% of users do not look beyond that page. However, SEO is not a short-term investment. It will be a while before your SEO-optimized website becomes relevant to what your users are looking for.

When you’re not in local listings

The idea behind making your business appear on search engines is so that people find you where your business is located. When you do not have optimized local listings, the customers who search for your business may not be able to easily find you. In case your business does not have business listings but appears on search results, the information given about your business may be wrong.

You don’t own a website

Every day more and more people are buying online. Also, people are making informed choices when it comes to anything they want to buy. This means even when they are not buying online they still might be researching online on what to buy or where to buy from. For this, it is necessary to own an SEO-optimized website with content that relates to both your business and what your customers could be looking for. Your business must have an accurate business location so that your customers can more easily find you or contact you.

Your business does not have reviews

When a potential customer researches your business online they are bound to look for reviews. Always ensure that your business is listed with Google My Business, Yelp, and social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram Twitter, etc where your existing customers can leave comments or reviews. These trust signals will help in drawing new customers.

A lack of social media presence

Social media is all about reaching out and staying close to your customers. With a social media presence, you are helping your customers understand your brand better. Post relevant content on your social media pages and add links to related pages on your website. This will surely help your business grow.

High bounce rates

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your site after a single page view. Understanding this bounce rate can help you figure out how well your website converts visitors into customers.

Your competition ranks higher than you

In case you find your competition consistently outranking you, you will want SEO help. Ranking well in a search is a combination of both authority and relevance. A basic understanding of how Google interprets these two factors can help you outdo your competition.