Should the US allow Djokovic to play at their Grand Slam event?

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After the organizers of the US Open included Novak Djokovic in the list of participants, a lot of experts and fans started a wide discussion. Thus, the United States now disallow the arrival of people without an anti-covid vaccination. The Serb is a well-known public person who doesn’t want to make an injection, although it restricts his professional opportunities in terms of tournaments he can visit.

Of course, the discussion topic takes roots in early 2022. Thus, the Serb missed the Australian Open in January because of his vaccination position. However, that story wasn’t so one-sided, while most fans remember Djokovic’s absence because of covid restrictions in Australia. In fact, he arrived in the country between the Pacific and Indian oceans before the event and needed to spend some time in the specific hotel to confirm he was clear of any symptoms. At that point, he received specific permission to visit Australia without vaccination, but the Serb poisoned that chance.

Thus, before the trip to the South-Eastern continent, Novak was identified with covid but still was publicly active and didn’t inform the journalist that he was contagious. This fact was identified in Australia, as well as the fact that Djokovic hid that situation when filling out the documents before coming to Australia. It made Novak simply a lier, and the Australian government decided to punish a tennis superstar and deported him before the opening Grand Slam event. By the way, we recommend visiting the site Odds2Win and getting the latest tennis news and get melbet promo code pakistan for free.

That situation significantly impacted the athlete’s reputation, who was then ignored by the US government when Djokovic wanted to play in Maimi. The beginning of the year seemed to punch the Serb, who then lost to his main rival, Rafael Nadal, at the French Open. By grabbing Roland Garros and the Australian Open, the Spaniard took the lead in the race for Grand Slams, having 22 compared to Novak’s 20. The victory at Wimbledon allowed the Serb to make the distance minimal, so many expected to see him in the US at the end of August to equalize the Grand Slam score or to try at least.

Djokovic talked about the chances of visiting the US as minimal, but his words had enough hope. He wants the US to make an exception for him, but it looks like his case in Australia has become vital. The organizers of the US Open don’t want to break the rules and try to help the Serb athlete to visit New York.

Should they put a hand of help for Novak? It’s hard to answer such a question ultimately. With the war in Ukraine and a food crisis in the world, a lot of people forgot about the danger coronavirus has. However, the virus still mutates, and we should expect new variants. A lot of countries inform that the amount of contagious people has risen in recent times, and the return of masks as protection elements should be one more time activated.

In such conditions, it’s rather dangerous to make exceptions, even for world-known athletes. The Australians showed that their step was hard but right, as they protected the people from disease, although made their event not so interesting without Djokovic. In the recent conditions, it looks like the US has to make a similar decision. Want more interesting news? Follow the link to the free tennis betting tips and get fresh information every day.