Shiba Inu Continues To Grow-Plan Investment With KuCoin Crypto Price

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KuCoin exchange is also known as ” People’s Exchange.”The reasons include the numerous projects KuCoin has supported and upcoming projects, its remarkable customer service, a variety of registered coins such as BitCoin, Ethereum, SOL, Shiba Inu, and many more that make KuCoin a good crypto trading platform. Furthermore, ICO rating has rated it as one of the 10-A-rated exchanges.

Let’s Learn About Shiba Inu In Detail

Shiba Inu is a token that has found itself to be talked about not just in the cryptocurrency space but beyond. The Shiba Inu coin initially started as a meme coin. The Shiba coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by Ryoshi, an anonymous person, in August 2020. Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog and an alternative to Dogecoin. Like other crypto prices, Shiba’s value has grown with time, and its listing on the KuCoin and Binance crypto exchanges has aided unprecedented interest and liquidity levels.

Let’s Compare Doge And Shiba

Memecoins have emerged as separate categories within the crypto sphere, just like Defi and NFTs, and this category is being dominated by two coins, Doge and Shiba. Dogecoin was launched in December 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. It started as a joke and was not meant to be serious, but it became a real currency with time. In comparison, the Shiba Inu coin was launched as a tribute to Dogecoin by Ryoshi, an anonymous person. Being Doge’s biggest competitor, Shib is known as the ‘DOGE killer.’ The Shib price currently is $0.000011, and Doge is $0.066508.

How Can A User Get Shib Tokens?

Getting these Shib tokens is not so complicated. There are many crypto exchanges from which one can get these. One of the exchanges to get these is Ku Coin. Getting these tokens from ShibaSwap is one alternative to buying them from exchanges which is the project’s native decentralized exchange. However, there is a difference between the ShibaSwap platform and standard cryptocurrency exchanges, as Shiba Swap only allows you to purchase the digital assets that are a part of the Shiba project.

Process Of Buying Shiba Inu

The process of buying Shiba Inu is quite simple. The first step is registering an exchange account, and the user can make an account on KuCoin as it is the best crypto trading platform. Then depositing funds to the account is the next step. The next step is to purchase the Shiba Inu token. The user has to go to KuCoin’s trading section. Search for the USDT/SHIB pair, and enter the number of USDT that needs to be exchanged for SHIB. Once the transaction details are confirmed, the Shib tokens will be in the user crypto wallet within a few minutes. After buying Shiba Inu on KuCoin, the user can either store it on KuCoin itself or transfer it to an external cold wallet.


Thus Shiba Inu has a bright future and enjoys high liquidity and trading volume. Furthermore, ShibaSwap and the upcoming Shiba Inu Games will contribute to rising the Shiba Inu price and value among cryptocurrencies. And the best exchange to buy Shib is KuCoin which offers a minimal trading fee.