Several types of children’s clothing that are not suitable to wear to kindergarten

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Nowadays, children are very precious, parents also like to dress up their children, will prepare all kinds of clothes for the children, every day to change the children’s different clothes, the children are also in high spirits. But not all clothes are suitable to wear to kindergarten, there are several types of clothes are not suitable for children to wear to kindergarten, both to bring inconvenience to the child and to the teacher caused trouble. Some types of clothes that are not suitable to wear to kindergarten are as follow:

Tight-fitting pants

Some parents like to match a pair of tight pants for their girls and put a small skirt on the outside, which looks beautiful and safe, and the children are also very satisfied with this kind of dress. However, parents and children forget this point: the tight pants are very troublesome to put on and take off, and it is very difficult for the child to do it alone, and needs the help of adults. In kindergarten, in case of diarrhea, the child has to go to the teacher three times, but the teacher also needs to take care of other children, which is really bad.

Clothes with strings

Nowadays, some clothes come with a small cap with a drawstring design at the neck, which is very dangerous. When the children are playing around, in case they are pulled by the kids or the play equipment, they will strangle their necks, which is bad. In order to avoid such dangers, I recommend that parents try not to buy clothes with drawstring design, or take out the rope directly after purchase.

Clothes with zippers

Clothes with zippers are not uncommon, and zippers are found in a variety of tops and pants. However, zipper design clothing is not suitable for children to wear. = Children’s hand coordination is not very strong, and some zippers often do not work well, when they encounter these conditions, children are particularly anxious. Tops are better, at best, they are worn open-armed. If it is a pantsuit, little boys do not pay attention, anxiety will hurt the body.

Clothes with too many decorations

Some clothes with a lot of decorations, such as sequins, beads, bows, etc.. Children are a curious group, many of them like to snap off the decorations on the clothes and put them into the body (such as the mouth, nose, ears, etc.), which may cause unimaginable consequences.

Princess dresses

Princess dresses are really beautiful to wear, even many adult women can not resist its temptation, but this is very inconvenient for children. When children play games at recess, the princess skirt is too long and can easily be stepped on by themselves or other children, and they will fall down and get hurt. At the same time, such a skirt is very inconvenient for going to the toilet. If the child does not lift up the skirt in time to go to the toilet, it is easy to make the skirt dirty.

Shoes that need to be tied

In many kindergartens, children are required to put on and take off their own clothes, including shoes, during naptime. Children of this age are generally incapable of tying their own shoes and need help from the teacher, so if the teacher is too busy to do so, the child will be too anxious to wait. In addition, it is very easy for children to loose their shoelaces when they are playing, and if they are not found in time, they will easily fall on their shoelaces if they continue to run and jump, and their bodies will inevitably be bumped.

It is better to wear these clothes to kindergarten

Simple style clothes

When your child goes to kindergarten, it’s best to wear simple clothes. If the kindergarten has a uniform, try to wear the uniform to the kindergarten. Although the style of the uniform may not necessarily be beautiful, but the child will be safer if he or she can run and jump, put on and take off without any hindrance. It is best to wear separate clothes, with a T-shirt on top and elastic pants or a short skirt underneath, so that when you go to the bathroom, you can simply mention it upwards. There is no psychological burden for the child to get dressed and undressed, and he or she is very comfortable to move around. If you choose clothes with decorations for your child, make sure that the fewer decorations the better, and that these decorations are securely fixed on the clothes and cannot be easily pulled off by the child. Give the child just the right fit, fat and thin, the right length, so that it is conducive to child movement, but also to prevent the child in the toilet, the pants dirty.

Sweat-absorbing clothes

Children are very active in kindergarten, and because their metabolism is very fast, they sweat easily, and sweat sticking to their bodies is uncomfortable and makes them sick. Therefore, it is important to dress your child in more sweat-absorbing cotton clothes, so that sweat can be absorbed away from the body in time, without making too much sweat stick to the body. You can also prepare a sweat-absorbing towel for your child and put it on your back. If there is sweat, it is a very good idea to replace it in time to avoid your child catching a cold.

Shoes with magic buckles or stirrups

When choosing shoes for children, choose magic buckle or a stirrup shoes, children can easily take off their own shoes, and can easily put on shoes, reducing the child’s psychological pressure, but also to reduce the burden of teachers. Such shoes are now much more common and effortless to choose. The child will thank you for wearing such shoes.

In conclusion, although it is justifiable for moms and dads to want to dress their children up, they must first consider these aspects of safety, health and convenience so that their children can spend every day in kindergarten healthy and happy. If you want wholesale kid clothes or wholesale children clothing in bulk, welcome to

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