Serious Injuries Can be Suffered by Victims in Car Accidents

If you have sustained injuries in a vehicle collision, you may be wondering if you can pursue compensation for them. Your injuries may be more serious than you think. If your injuries were a direct result of another driver’s negligence, you must consider speaking with one of the respected Los Angeles car accident attorneys to know what your legal options are and fight for your rights. Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your accident and pursue the compensation you deserve for your damages such as medical costs and lost wages. 

When Is a Car Accident Injury a Serious One?

While there is no specific definition of a serious injury in a car crash, related indicators include the length of time you suffer from the impacts of your injury, how it changed your lifestyle, and how it affected your ability to work.

It is important to seek immediate medical attention right after a car accident since your injuries could be more serious than you think. Even a minor fender bender can lead to serious injuries while an accident with greater car damage may lead to just a few cuts and bruises. In some instances, injuries like whiplash may not present immediate symptoms and you can just walk away from the crash without feeling something unusual. However, these injuries may start to surface days or weeks after the accident. 

If your injury slowly becomes serious, your claim’s value is usually greater than the insurance company’s initial settlement offer. Talk to an attorney about your situation to know the true value of your claim. 

Kinds of Accidents that Can Lead to Serious Injuries

You could suffer from serious crash injuries in many ways. But, some kinds of collisions are more likely to lead to serious injuries than others. These include the following:

  • Rollover accidents. Often, these accidents happen with SUVs because their center of gravity is higher than smaller vehicles like sedans. In these accidents, a car rolls over on its side, sometimes many times. Thus, they can lead to a lot of serious injuries like spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and internal organ damage. 
  • Side-impact accidents. These kinds of car crashes take place when a car impacts another car’s door side. They can pose a significant risk to drivers and passengers since most cars’ sides are not made to withstand impact the way their backs and fronts are. 
  • Head-on collisions. These car accidents happen when the two cars’ front ends collide, usually as one of them goes the wrong way. They can cause serious impacts on the front-seat drivers.

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