Seeking Compensation for Your Car Accident Injuries: How Your Attorney Will Evaluate Your Claim

If you are considering filing a car accident claim after sustaining injuries because of another person’s negligence, you may be wondering about the worth of your case. Obtaining compensation for the injuries you suffer is about justice and dollars. When the amount you will receive as compensation for your injuries is not enough to cover your needs and pay your lawyer’s fees, finding a houston car accident attorney who will take your case can be difficult. 

Assessing an accident claim is complicated and the outcome depends on your case’s facts and circumstances. Keep reading to know how attorneys evaluate cases and the factors that can affect the strength of your case:

How a Car Accident Lawyer Will Assess Your Claim

A successful car accident claim requires proving the negligence of the other driver, showing that such negligence caused your injuries, detailing the damages you endured because of your injuries, and filing a claim within the legal deadline. Even a single mistake can destroy the value of your claim.  

Because of this, an attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of your claim before they file a lawsuit. Typically, the investigation includes interviewing you, reviewing your medical records, and applying the legal standards of the state. Sometimes, they may need to consult with other experts. 

Calculating Your Monetary Losses

In a car accident claim, your claim’s monetary value is tied to your damages or financial losses that resulted from your car accident and injuries. Your damages include medical expenses, lost income, vehicle damage, and more. To establish these damages or economic losses, your lawyer will need copies of documents such as your medical bills and check stubs to demonstrate your financial losses. 

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

Non-economic damages like pain and suffering, lost of life enjoyment, and loss of companionship can be sought by car accident victims. These damages are not easy to calculate and prove. Your attorney will take into account several factors to assess your non-economic damages. These factors include the seriousness of your injuries, the kind of length of medical treatment you need, the effects of your injuries on your life and relationships, and others. 

You Can Pursue Punitive Damages?

Sometimes, you might be able to get punitive damages in your claim. These damages punish the at-fault party for their negligent behavior. Although they are not an option for all cases, your attorney might consider them if your claim involves drunk driving and other reckless behaviors. 

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