Samsung TV Plus: 100% Free TV

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It’s been only a few decades since the invention of the television and development of movies and TV shows, but today it feels almost as if these things have been part and parcel of human civilization since the beginning of mankind, because today movies and TV shows have become as indispensable to us as oxygen. It’s a human need today, just like food and safety. We require these contents to maintain our sanity in these hectic and stressful times. Most of us come home after work or school and just chill out for a while on our beds and sofas, maybe while eating something alone or with our friends, while watching these shows.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Today we are inundated with channels offering a wide variety of programs to choose from. Every single person on the planet can find some content that they are interested in watching. Thanks to the internet, today we are not being restricted to watching these shows only on our television sets. If you have an internet connection and a smart device like your smartphone, you can access these shows with ease. Samsung TV Plus is one of these apps packed with a bunch of special features that helps set it apart from the rest.

Features of Samsung TV Plus

Firstly, this app is totally free. In order to use it you require no subscription or any other payments. All what you have to do is to download the app and enjoy the content it provides. This app allows you to browse through more than one hundred and ninety channels including channels that are dedicated to news, sports, cooking, lifestyle, travel, children’s education, cartoons, movies, wildlife, sports and fashion.

Some of these channels are major household names such as, CBSN, Bon Appetit and many more. There are even many channels dedicated to the Spanish speakers such as Estrella TV and Telemundo Al Dia. There are also some international channels like NEW KPOP as well as well-known children’s’ channels like PBS Kids.

Using the app is straightforward. There are three pages which are Live, Explore and My TV plus. When you open the app, you will be shown the homepage, where the video will be playing at the top, and you will be presented with the TV guide under the video. The channels are divided into various categories, and you can select anyone you wish to watch at that moment. You can toggle full screen mode, and also keep watching the video while working on other apps. Screen mirroring is another wonderful feature, which allows you to mirror your screen with another device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. My TV Plus is where you can access your favorites.

Install Samsung TV Plus on Android TV Box

Samsung TV Plus does not available for all Android TV Boxes and Fire TV devices. It does not mean that you can’t use this application on your TV. In order to install this application first download and install AppLinked. There are many alternatives for AppLinked like FileSynced and UnLinked.

Find AppLinked Code for Samsung TV Plus. If you are unable to find this AppLinked code for this application you can create your own App Store and add Samsung TV Plus. Now you can use your own app store to install any application you want on your TV Box.