Sales Automation for Modern B2B Sales Teams

Have you noticed how many repetitive tasks there are in your sales workflow? Many of your sales reps spend only one-third of their day actually selling. The rest of the day is spent completing administrative labor. But why waste so much time on tasks that can be automated? 

B2B sales automation uses digital tools and AI to decrease the amount of monotonous and manual work your sales team does. It boosts productivity and helps your workers to focus on their main job – selling. Let’s break down how you can improve your sales automation process for the best results.

1. Say Yes To Automated Data Entry

Data entry is one of the most monotonous and time-consuming tasks for every sales rep, but it’s also one of the essentials of B2B sales. Thankfully, advanced technologies provide us with enormous help for this tedious labor. CRM tools can capture activities, record conversations, and collect nearly every data. 

CRM tools have come a long way. Now You can divide your leads by various criteria and, when needed, swiftly track down the history of your leads. You can even track down your lead sources with some CRM tools.

2. Use Email Automation

Don’t underestimate the power of emails as they have progressed extremely in recent years. You can’t just type out standard emails and send them to your potential clients anymore. It will lead you nowhere. Instead, your emails should be in clear and professional templates. Email automation gives you a huge advantage in delivering regular and personalized emails. You can even set autoresponders that’ll send welcome messages to new subscribers.

3. Meeting scheduling

Scheduling a sales meeting over email is honestly one of the worst parts of sales reps’ day. One sends a proposed time that’s not convenient for the others, so they suggest a new time and it goes back and forth for so long that the emergency meeting becomes not that significant anymore. This is extremely time and energy-consuming and can even lead to bad relationships between the teammates.

Use a meeting-schedule tool like Andcards that allows the team to schedule a meeting in a free room. It adds the meeting to your schedule and reminds all the teammates beforehand. It also offers a free trial, so the team can try it before getting started.

4. Contracts and documents

Contracts and proposals are progressively being submitted and signed electronically. Tools that provide e-signing solutions include a variety of useful analytics features that can help enhance proposal conversion. For example, you may track when your prospect opens the contract or set up a procedure where a submitted proposal is followed by a polite reminder to sign if the initial proposal isn’t responded to in an acceptable amount of time.

Many tools can also fill in basic company information for you and save more time for actually talking and nurturing your partners.


Whatever strategy you choose, keep in mind that the purpose of sales automation is to increase the number of high-quality encounters. Every day of the week, customers can obtain mass-produced, impersonal experiences. It is up to you to improve.

Keep in mind that all administrative duties can be easily automated, but engagement with potential or existing clients should still involve some manual work provided by a real human being.

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