Ryderwear Leggings: Diving Deep Into It

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Whenever you need to dress up either for some special occasion or daily routine life, you prefer opting for clothing options that are both comfortable and stylish. Though many bottoms wear are available for women to choose from, legging is one of the most comfortable bottoms. You can explore different types of leggings based on materials used and designs in online and physical clothing stores. You will come to know about a few of the kinds of ryderwear leggings further below. Before that, let us know in short about leggings.

Something About Leggings

Leggings are a sort of tight-fitted stretch trousers. You can wear them in different styles and colours as per the occasion. They come under the category of bottom wear for women. The history of leggings almost dates back to the 13th century. Interestingly, these women wear first worn by men in the 13th century. During the 90s, jeggings became a fashion trend, especially in the United States. During the early 2000s, the popularity of jeggings declined. Presently, leggings are again back in trend because of the comfort and various styles they offer.

Types Of Leggings

Different types of ryderwear leggings that you can explore and purchase to revamp your dress sense and rock your style are

  • Ankle-length leggings- These types of leggings stretch up to your ankle. It is best to wear them during winters since they can keep our body warm and our legs properly covered. You can try them out with jackets, coats and a pair of boots, to add a touch of style to our looks.
  • Knee-length leggings- These types of leggings stretch up to our knees. They are best to wear when we wish to work out. You can also wear these leggings for hiking and doing yoga. You can experience flexible movements in your body after wearing knee-length leggings.
  • Capri leggings- The length of these leggings is between that of the knee and mid-calf leggings. If you are tall, then these leggings are one of the best options to buy. You can wear them comfortably during the summer or rainy seasons in the colour and material of your choice.
  • Footed leggings- If you wish to have your whole legs covered, including your toes, then footed leggings should be your preferred option to buy. You can rock your overall style by wearing ballerina flats or high heels along with them. To experience extra warmth during winters, you can also wear footed leggings besides ankle length leggings.
  • Streetwear leggings- These leggings are comfortable enough to be worn on the go. They are not a substitute for gym leggings yet can be worn to add comfort and fashion to the style of your leggings.
  • Jeggings- They are a mix of jeans and leggings. In short, leggings that are made of denim materials are referred to as jeggings. You can flaunt these leggings by wearing t-shirt dresses and a pair of boots with them. If you wish to look similar to denim jeans, you can consider buying jeggings of the colour of your choice.
  • Treggings- As the name suggests, these leggings are a mix of trousers and leggings. If you wish to buy leggings that are neither skin-tight nor too loose, then owning treggings will be the best choice. You can wear them while attending formal meetings in your office along with jackets and formal shirts. Treggings can add a sophisticated and elegant look to your appearance, which is required in a professional environment.


Thus, you can explore any of the styles mentioned above of leggings. While going for leggings of any material, it is advised to buy opaque leggings to avoid your undergarments from being visible. Thus, leggings made of a fabric that is too thin should be avoided to avoid been self-conscious after wearing them. In case of a casual look, you can go for mid-calf or ankle-length leggings. You can wear ryderwear leggings along with kurtas, t-shirt dresses, jackets, long coats, etc. Leggings can be your best comfort wears whether going to a party or trying your luck in sports. Various brands sell leggings in a store; you can choose leggings thus of your favourite brand.