Rodent Infestation; What Are The Dangers?

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Have you just spotted a rat/mouse running down the kitchen and disappearing behind the refrigerator? The tell-tale signs that you have a rodent infestation are many. This ranges from foul smell, droppings, noises, spotting some damages, seeing a padded nest, or a mouse or rat dashing across the room. If you’ve seen either, the problem is no longer establishing if you have a rodents’ issue, but the dangers. Most people are concerned about the health hazard, necessitating immediate DIY measures or enlisting Vancouver rodent control professionals.

Rodents contaminate your food, dishes, and preparation areas such as cutting boards, among other surfaces, exposing you to health threats. The common health threats associated with rodents are tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague, and Hantavirus.  While the health risks can’t take the backseat, it is not the only danger you should be worried about. Rodent infestation exposes you to a lot more risks, including;

Welcoming other pests

Rodents chew on almost every surface. Whether they are chewing to get to your food storage area, access your property, or file their incisor, they make holes. Such holes, especially to the exterior walls, are a welcoming note for other pests to make their way inside for warmth and food. If you let the rodents run free on your property, you’ll deal with a lot more pests before you realize it, costing you more money and time.

Water damages

Rodents make holes that create weak points in your property. This allows rainwater to get into the property. While it might not be significant to the point that you can see it, water damage doesn’t necessarily have to be visible. The moisture creates a perfect environment for mold growth, not to mention how it affects the walls. With time, the damage extends, affecting the structural integrity, keeping in mind that mold feeds on organic matter, breaking it down. If the damage is extensive, you may have to knock down a wall, remove and replace the carpeting, paper backing, and insulation, among others. Such concerns can be costly and inconvenient, stressing the need for immediate rodent control once you spot a sign of infestation.

Fire hazard

Electricity is amazing. It helps keep your property warm and lit. Nonetheless, the electrical system can be a fire hazard if not well cared for. Rodents make it a bigger problem. They chew and damage the wires. This can lead to full-blown fire, a danger that costs a fortune. You don’t want your property burned down just because you let a few mice and rats run around as they don’t seem that harmful.

Rodents’ infestation can dig a lot deeper into your finances. For instance, apart from the highlighted risks, you could notice skyrocketing energy bills. Due to the holes, your air conditioning measures will demand more energy. The HVAC system must work harder as the holes allow cool air/heat to escape. They do a lot more harm than you might initially anticipate. Considering the other potential dangers, enlisting Vancouver rodent control professionals for immediate and thorough removal can’t be emphasized enough.